Lesson Plan Source Launches Brown Bear What Do You See Lesson Plan

Lesson Plan Source (LPS), an online educational supplement, is pleased to announce that they offer lesson plans designed for teachers from preschool to third grade. These guides provide a book to read along with interactive activities that tackle interesting subjects.

As noted on their website, Lesson Plan Source believes that teachers need to possess certain characteristics in order to effectively teach their students. First and foremost, they need to have great communication skills that enable them to present their objectives confidently while empathizing with their students. They should also be good at preparing the materials needed for their sessions as well as organizing their ideas. Furthermore, they should have sufficient knowledge in the field of children’s development.

Meanwhile, Lesson Plan Source also believes that teaching should be both educational and fun at the same time. Enjoyment is essential in holding the attention span of students as they listen to lectures. In fact, many psychologists state that a positive mood is needed to make students think faster. It also motivates them to interact with their teachers and give their best effort to learning.

The company asserts that they are committed to helping teachers prepare their lessons in a structured yet engaging way. One of their carefully curated lesson plans is the Brown Bear Lesson Plan for ‘Brown Bear, Brown Bear, What Do You See?,’ a classic picture book written by Bill Martin, Jr. and illustrated by Eric Carle. This children’s story is designed for preschoolers and young children entering kindergarten. Having a straightforward plot, it aims to help them associate everyday objects with various colors and meanings.

Using the exclusive lesson plan, teachers can instruct students in the identification of objects, but they also help their students enhance three important skills. These skills include print awareness, phonological awareness and narration. A group activity comes with the lesson plan as well.

Print awareness refers to the students’ capacity to recognize written letters and grasp their meaning. This involves knowing how letters look like in both capital and small letters and combining them to form basic words. With the Brown Bear Lesson Plan, teachers may intentionally place the book upside down with the intention of prompting their students to replace the book in the right orientation.

Phonological awareness, on the other hand, gives children the ability to recognize sounds of letters. This includes distinguishing vowels from consonants and counting syllables of words. In this specific lesson plan, the focus is on rhyming words like ‘see’ and ‘me.’ To accomplish this, teachers may randomly select a word from the story and ask students what other words have the same sound. They may also ask about the sounds the animals in the story produce and identify words that rhyme with them.

Finally, narrative skills help students comprehend stories and retell them based on their own understanding. As the reading session ends, teachers may shuffle the Brown Bear Visual Cards and instruct students to arrange them according to the order of the story. Clues can be given, such as the sounds emitted by the animals. As they finish sequencing the events, teachers may check their work by recounting the story formed by the visual cards.

Lesson Plan Source recommends that teachers use other books by Martin and Carle, such as "Polar Bear, Polar Bear, What Do You Hear?" and "Panda Bear, Panda Bear, What Do You See?". LPS’ official website is also full of alphabet and number worksheets as well as teaching diagrams and other valuable resources.

Lesson Plan Source was created by founder Deanna in 2004 to provide teachers across the globe with functional yet engaging teaching resources. According to LPS, she has a Bachelor's degree in Speech and Hearing Sciences, a Post-Baccalaureate in Elementary Education and a Master's degree in Special Education (Prek-8). Throughout her career, she has been exposed to different teaching environments, such as homeschool and private institutions.

Deanna believes that Lesson Plan Source is helpful to all kinds of teachers. “With each LPS resource you use, you will appreciate the work behind it, and it will bless you and your precious children,” she says. As such, she has received support from more than 5,000 people from different countries.

Those who wish to acquire the lesson plans of Lesson Plan Source may go to the website and create an account. Upon registering, teachers have two options. They may avail a monthly membership fee of about 5 dollars and access to 30 resources only. On the other hand, there is a quarterly membership that costs around 13 dollars and allows users to get twice the number of resources per month.

Complete details can be found on the Lesson Plan Source website. Teachers may also connect with them via social media to stay up to date with their news and announcements.


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