Legal Separation Lawyer Ryan Besinque Explains Divorce Types and Process in New York

New York: Ryan Besinque, a legal separation lawyer in the state of New York and the founder of the Law Office of Ryan Besinque, has just published an article on their website that explains all of the requirements and process for filing for divorce in the state of New York.

In the article, the legal separation lawyer discussed the two divorce types: uncontested and contested divorce. Uncontested divorce occurs when the couple agree to end their marriage and work together to reach an agreement on child support, asset division, visitation, and other issues.

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Mr. Besinque explains: “If marital partners are unable to agree on the details of their separation, it is called "contested". The court will then weigh the facts and decide for the couple. Divorcing couples must have legal grounds to end their marriage and meet residency requirements in order to be eligible to divorce in New York.”.

For a variety of reasons, some couples are unable to see eye-to-eye. This is why uncontested divorce cannot be an option. If the couple cannot agree on the terms for their divorce, it is called a contested divorce. Most divorces are settled with the help and assistance of an attorney. But, if the couple cannot agree, a trial date is set, and the court decides for the former couple.

Contrary to uncontested divorces, contested divorce is more common with couples with significant assets and multiple joint holdings. These cases also include property division in cases where it is suspected one of the partners may have been hiding assets. Sometimes, there may be disagreements about custody of the children or spousal maintenance. An attorney is required to help. Contested divorces are sometimes the only option, but they can be more difficult and expensive to obtain resources and services than uncontested.

On the other hand, uncontested divorce occurs when a couple is able to resolve their differences and reach mutual agreements regarding assets, debts, and other issues. Even though the parties may still need to rely on their attorney for skilled negotiations, uncontested divorce does not necessarily mean that the court has to be involved.

This makes an uncontested divorce easier and less costly for the spouses. It's important to understand that speed is dependent on how long it takes a couple and their lawyer for an agreement to be reached.

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