Legacy Healing Center in Cherry Hill NJ Warns of the Dangers of Drug Rehab Scams and Addiction-Related Fraud

Cherry Hill, NJ - Legacy Healing Center, with locations in Pompano Beach, Delray Beach, and Margate Florida, as well as a newly opened facility in Cherry Hill, New Jersey, is warning the public about the dangers of alcohol and drug rehab scams, how to spot them, and how to find legitimate addiction and behavioral health treatment programs.

Addiction can destroy an individual’s personal life, finances, health, and family. With substance abuse on the rise in New Jersey, Florida and across the US, more people are seeking help to get out of the devastating cycle of addiction. This growing need for addiction treatment programs has unfortunately attracted unethical individuals to take advantage of people struggling with substance abuse by running fraudulent rehab centers.

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Preying on people’s desperation and hope, these programs not only take advantage of people financially, but they do not help the individuals in need and often leave them in a worse state than when they arrived. Fortunately, legitimate, licensed, and compassionate treatment centers do exist, and knowing how to spot the difference is key to avoiding scams.

Drug rehab scams work by promising addiction care and the typical amenities one would see in a reputable facility. They do everything possible to keep patients in their programs for as long as possible so they can bill insurance and obtain government subsidies. Many survivors of these scams report similar experiences. Instead of a treatment program, these fake facilities are more like flophouses with people openly doing drugs. They will also shuttle people from house to house, keeping the scam going and billing their victim’s insurance again and again.

One of the telltale signs of an illegitimate rehab is a minimal website without original photography, staff bios, or reviews. Their website and representatives offer vague details about the drug rehab program and no specific details about the facility, amenities, and treatments. These places have also become master Google search manipulators, so beware of clicking paid ads in Google searches. Some scammers pose as a referral center claiming to match patients with the best rehab for them, only to send them to rehab centers they own.

The best way to avoid scam rehab facilities is to take the time to thoroughly research an addiction treatment center before contacting them. Be sure to look for reviews on third-party sites like Google, look up the professional licenses and records of the staff listed, and check to see if the treatment center is accredited. If possible, tour the facility beforehand. If a treatment center offers anything in exchange for attending their programs such as money, clothes, or gift cards, walk away as it’s a sure sign of a scam.

An example of great drug rehab and addiction behavioral health program is the one offered at Legacy Healing Center. Their individualized, holistic, and client-centered approach is designed to give patients a real shot at a healthy life free from addiction. Their website makes it clear they are realistic about the work that needs to be put in for their program to work and does not make false promises that they can’t keep. Legacy Healing Center offers a clean, safe, comfortable environment with plenty of indoor and outdoor amenities to help patients feel at home and be able to focus on their healing journey. Specifically, they offer inpatient and outpatient care including treatments like individual and group therapy, medical detox, nutrition, fitness, meditation, and family therapy. For anyone seeking help for addiction, Legacy Healing Center’s expert staff is ready to answer questions and help anyone who’s ready to get started on the proper road to recovery. Call (888) 534-2295.


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