Leesburg, VA Patients Opt For Dental Implants Over Dentures

VA based NOVA Smile Studio is pleased to report that more Leesburg patients are choosing to have Single Tooth Dental Implants instead of dentures. According to the clinic, this means that more patients are making the right choice regarding their dental health and stability, and their team is eager to share the reasons behind this with the rest of the Leesburg Virginia community.

First, it is important to understand the difference between the two options. Dentures were once considered the most effective replacements for missing teeth as well as the surrounding tissues. They come in two basic varieties, based on whether the patient in question requires all or only a few of their teeth replaced. The former are known as complete dentures (where all the natural teeth are missing) and the latter is known as partial dentures (where some natural teeth still remain). Their removable nature, however, mean that they can be vulnerable to falling out in certain situations, and this problem is exacerbated by the fact that they are relatively fragile.

Dentures may also need to be reline, rebased or remade entirely due to a variety of factors, including regular wear as well as age-related changes in the patient’s face, jawbones and gums. In some cases, dentures may even need to be replaced because they got loose. Notably, patients may experience damage to the bones in the jaw as they slip inside the mouth. Some also dislike the noise this movement produces. Learn more on the clinic’s official website.

Both dentures and dental implants are designed to fulfill the same purpose: to replace missing teeth. The key difference that sets implants apart, however, is that they are implanted directly into the patient’s jawbone via surgery. This allows them to function similarly to the roots of the patient’s missing teeth, and they crucially will not slip since the titanium in the implants actually fuses with the patient’s jawbone, settling it firmly in place. However, the clinic states this is generally used for full replacements. Single tooth dental implants, as the name suggests, are used to replace just one tooth.

According to NOVA Smile Studio, the primary advantage that partial dentures have over single tooth dental implants is in their cost and how long they take to implement. Implants are costlier and can take several months in certain cases (depending on the patient’s individual needs). However, this is where the advantages mostly end. For a bigger upfront investment in time and money, patients who opt for a single tooth dental implant will find that it is much more stable and durable than a partial could ever be. With adequate maintenance, for instance, partial dentures may last between 6-8 years before they need to be replaced. This pales in comparison to implants, which can last as long as the patient’s lifetime if cared for. They are also virtually invulnerable to decay since they are manufactured from metal and porcelain.

Since partial dentures are not as durable, they are easier to chip or suffer light damage that nonetheless makes them less suitable as dental solutions. This is due to the fact that such impairments can provide a place for bacteria to nest, which is especially concerning given that these areas tend to simultaneously be harder to clean.

NOVA Smile Studio states that a patient may make a good candidate for a dental implant (single or otherwise) if they have one or more missing teeth, a tooth that is either fractured or badly cracked, infected teeth or gums and so on. They may also already have dentures or partials that are beginning to sag. As with any surgical procedure, dental implants carry a small risk, but the clinic firmly assures their patients that they should not be too concerned about this. Dental implants enjoy an incredibly high rate of success, and the positive impact they have on a patient’s life is immeasurable.

The clinic warmly invites their community to engage with their representatives through their official Facebook page to learn more. Here, the clinic regularly shares updates regarding their latest offers and announcements. Additional details can also be found on NOVA Smile Studio’s official website.


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