LED Grow Glasses For Women Available From Method Seven

Method Seven, a Santa Cruz, CA based supplier of protective eyewear for professionals, would like to make their customers aware that they have LED grow light glasses for women. Grow glasses are specially designed to protect wearers from harsh lights. They allow wearers to essentially choose their light spectrum by blocking out certain harmful wavelengths, such as those which can be found in grow rooms. Method Seven’s selection is wide, and made up of high quality grow glasses which are guaranteed to keep their wearers’ sight safe from intense light. Without such protection, working in these conditions may otherwise lead to deteriorating vision.

“Grow rooms have lots of light, but it's not broad spectrum,” says Method Seven. “Though this might be great for plants, it's not so great for your eyes. Human eyes contain rods and cones, which need broad spectrum light in order to focus, recognize shapes, register movement and see color. In a grow room environment, sunglasses make things worse by darkening all the light, so you squint less, but you still can’t see color, and it’s even more difficult to focus. Other grow light glasses attempt to color balance the extreme light spectrum but use cheap plastic lenses with very poor clarity that distort light and are hazy or blurry. With cheap grow room glasses, your eyes and brain work overtime to compensate. This leads to fatigue, headaches, seeing spots, and in some cases, your eyes receive damaging UV radiation. Your eyes are essential, and so is getting the most out of your yield. Don’t risk using sunglasses or cheap grow room glasses!”

Method Seven’s grow glasses feature mineral glass lenses which are specially designed to eliminate the strobe effect caused by HPS and Metal Halide lights. They are made using a proprietary blend of German mineral glass, or polymers by Zeiss Sun Vision out of Europe. The grow glasses are all asymmetrically tuned, which provides distortion free focus and clarity to the wearer’s eyes. The most important part of the glasses is their M7 lenses which provide full UV protection, eliminating UVA, UVB and UVC rays. Method Seven offers free shipping returns on all domestic orders (along with a 30 day return policy and warranty).

Method Seven is a collaborative group of scientists, engineers and other problem solvers who have made it their mission to unlock the potential of human vision by mastering the spectrum of visible light. Their goal is to provide comfort, clarity and safety through their high quality glasses which are all designed for a range of highly specific situations.

“We got our start creating eyewear solutions for people in some of the world’s most extreme visual situations, such as growers with prolonged exposure to high-wattage lights and pilots traveling at Mach speeds,” says Method Seven. “We soon realized that the eyewear we were creating for these extraordinary circumstances could help everyday folks see better as well. The result is the best of German, Italian and Japanese engineering, strung together with good old American ingenuity. Our eyewear helps you see better, but it also makes you look better. That’s because great design is innately beautiful. Function is fashion. We look forward to continuing to push, question and explore. Better frames, better lenses, better eyes. And as we like to say: Vision Above All. Let us know if you have any questions. We love talking about what we do.”

Their designs extend beyond grow glasses to a wide range of fields. They also produce trail eyewear, glasses specially designed to redefine what eyewear means. One need not settle for a community where their value is based on races finished or miles run with Method Seven, and they make it a point to not settle on products that they consider substandard. The company also produces eyewear for pilots designed to enhance contrast when looking at cloud formations or instruments, protect against glare and block out ultraviolet rays.

In the first week of July 2022, Method Seven will be releasing a brand new model of grow room glasses for full spectrum LED lights called The Duchess. This model is targeted for women, but it is also great for men making it a unisex option in the full spectrum LED space. The Duchess frame is a collaboration with The Dank Duchess, who is based out of Brooklyn, NY. The Dank Duchess' instagram is @thedankduchess. The Duchess is a public figure, ambassador, and icon within the Cannabis industry. She was mentored by Frenchy Cannoli, a world renowned hash evangelist. The Dank Duchess has now carved out her own place in the modern cannabis industry history by spreading her hash knowledge to folks all over the globe. The Duchess is also an incredible painter and very active in the psilocybin community in terms of knowledge, awareness, and healing. The Duchess glasses are built for Full spectrum LEDs and also work great outside for the Sun in bright or low light conditions. The FX LED lenses offer full UV blocking, Infrared reduction and advanced anti-reflective properties. The frame is an Italian crafted retro-aviator style with some modern touches. The frame has a slight wrap to offer complete protection against light from all angels caused by extreme LED grow lights or the Sun. The Duchess frame is a truly unique offering amongst the Method Seven collection as they continue to break new ground within the grow room glasses category.

For more information on Method Seven’s eye protection for grow rooms and their other products, visit Method Seven’s website. One can also gain access to the Method Seven community via social media and other platforms to receive regular updates on the company and their products.


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