LED Funeral Wreaths Singapore Now Offering Funeral Procession Floats

LED Funeral Wreaths Singapore, a Singapore-based provider of funeral wreaths and other supplies, is now offering funeral procession floats. More information about the company and the range of services they offer can be found at their official website: https://wreaths.sg/.

As the company explains, funeral floats have been present in many forms around the world for a long time. From the Americas to Europe to Asia, they create a sense of scale and draw attention to the funeral procession when the float passes through, accompanied by the hearse and the mourners. For those who have lived a good life and have now passed on, funeral floats can serve as a mark of their impact on the world and the loved ones they leave behind.

LED Funeral Wreaths Singapore says, “Sending off a loved one is never an easy task. Nobody is prepared for it, and figuring out the proper way to honor and respect the life and legacy of the one who has passed on can be a monumental challenge. We believe that adding a touch of grandeur to their solemn funeral procession is a great way to send off loved ones towards their afterlife. After all, the loss of a loved one does not always need to be a very formal and quiet procession; it can be a venerable celebration of their life, no matter how long or short — and what better way to do that than to have a grand float at the helm of their funeral procession?”

Beautifully decorated with flowers of many striking colors, LED Funeral Wreaths Singapore’s floats are unlike any other (such as those seen in Chingay or National Day Parades). While the company does use fake flowers, they believe in ensuring their clients have nothing but the best quality to choose from. As such, the flowers are extremely realistic and natural-looking, and they crucially remain undamaged and maintain their beautiful appearance throughout the ceremony. Around the float’s array of flowers will be cutouts of red-crowned cranes, which symbolize the beauty, harmony, and grace that accompanies the procession itself as well as the one who has passed on, bringing a sense of peace and serenity to all who look upon it as a whole. At the center of the float, there will be a giant heart, made out of flowers to signify that no one is ever truly gone as long as they remain in their loved ones’ hearts. More information about LED Funeral Wreaths Singapore’s funeral floats can be found at the following link: https://wreaths.sg/funeral-procession-floats/.

LED Funeral Wreaths Singapore explains that most bystanders tend to avoid looking at funeral processions as it is considered unlucky and taboo. The fact is that, more often than not, funeral processions are made up of mourners and the hearse, giving it a solemn mood. On the other hand, having a grand eye-catching float would help people come to terms with the truth that not all passings have to be about tears and silence; they can be a celebration of life in anyone and everyone can respect and experience. This can also help them accept that there is nothing wrong with a person’s final journey being as eye-catching as possible.

The company acknowledges, “To cope with loss and grief is difficult. Our team understands that. Grief is a part of life, and it can be a beautiful thing, too. We just want to help you give your deceased loved ones the grand but respectful send-off that they deserve, no matter what kind of life they lived. We want you to feel a sense of happiness and pride when you see the float accompany your loved ones on their journey to the afterlife. We want you to feel absolutely certain you gave all your love after their passing.”

The services provided by the company have earned them positive reviews. On their 5-Star rated Google profile, Bee Lean Lee writes, “Thank you for the quick response and good services. The LED wreath is very beautiful and presentable. Thank you very much.”

LED Funeral Wreaths Singapore’s website provides detailed information about their services, along with pictures of their products. Interested parties can get in touch with the company via email at contactus@peacefulwreaths.com.sg or their direct phone line at 659-728-0920. Social media users can visit the company’s Facebook page where they post pictures, share information, and communicate with their customers.


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