Learn How to DIY with Video Chat a Pro

Video Chat a Pro, based in Lago Vista, Texas, but serving customers, businesses and tradesmen across the country, has announced a new How To DIY with Video Chat a Pro section on their website. This section is designed to be a resource to assist anyone undertaking any Do It Yourself projects and at-home repairs. Especially during these unprecedented times, the management team at Video Chat a Pro understands that money is tight and those with at-risk loved ones may not want strangers in their home, so they are pooling their knowledge and beginning to write How To articles on a variety of subjects ranging from how to unclog a tub to how to fix a broken headlight.

Besides offering advice and how to’s, Video Chat a Pro also offers other solutions that are particularly relevant during the coronavirus crisis. Video Chat a Pro allows homeowners, car owners and Do It Yourselfers to contact a wide range of tradesmen and local businesses for estimates or even advice on repairs and installations. These estimates or advice are livestreamed through the Video Chat a Pro website so the licensed professional can either provide a precise estimate or give guidance in real-time. Video Chat a Pro works with plumbers, mechanics, electricians, landscapers, appliance repair technicians and HVAC specialists.

The video chat is a livestream feature that works on any smartphone, tablet or computer and doesn’t require customers to download an app or install any programs. This allows anyone attempting a DIY project on their own to have an army of skilled tradesmen in the palm of their hand that can give specific advice to their problem if needed. This livestream feature also allows local businesses to give customers more exact estimates, while saving customers a significant amount of money compared to an in-home visit.

“With the way this year’s going and the uncertainty about when things are going to turn around, I know our livestream DIY video chat feature is exactly the kind of service people need right now,” the owner of Video Chat a Pro, Jason Bauder said. “It can keep people safe, save them money and teach them a new skill in the process. What more could you ask for?”

Using Video Chat a Pro’s livestream video chat feature is quite simple too. For those who are looking to complete a DIY project or get some specific advice from a skilled professional, just go to the website and select the category that best describes the work one is doing. Then, click ‘Do It Yourself.’ A list of the available licensed tradesmen will appear below and visitors can check their reviews and schedule a call at the earliest convenience. In order to obtain a livestream estimate from a local business, repeat the same process as above, except click the ‘Find Local Company’ button instead.


For those interested in learning more about the livestream video chat features of Video Chat a Pro, or would like to browse the How to DIY with VCAP section, interested parties can visit their website at www.videochatapro.com. More information about the benefits and services of Video Chat a Pro can also be found in their previous press release. Any licensed tradesmen or local service businesses interested in utilizing the livestream services can learn more by clicking the ‘Sign Up’ section of the website. Local businesses can claim free business listings and licensed tradesmen can apply to assist with livestream DIY sessions. For any questions or comments, the team at Video Chat a Pro can be reached by phone at (512) 962-8780 or via email at info@videochatapro.com.


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