Leading the Green Recovery: Louisiana’s First Tesla Solar Roof Installed in New Orleans

New Orleans, Louisiana -

New Orleans, LA– Solar Alternatives, a locally owned energy firm, is proud to announce the commissioning of Louisiana’s first Tesla Solar Roof System. The product launch represents an innovative leap forward for the New Orleans community, answering an increasing need for more resilient forms of energy production. In the wake of Hurricane Ida, interest in solar and battery backup systems has grown exponentially with thousands of homeowners looking for an alternative to frequent and prolonged utility outages.

“We’re excited to finally bring Solar Roof to homeowners across the region. We know it’s a product many people have been waiting for,” said Jeff Cantin, President of Solar Alternatives. “It’s a shining example of what is now possible with solar and battery technology.”

Unlike a traditional solar panel system, Tesla Solar Roof tiles are fully integrated into a home’s roof construction, entirely replacing standard materials. The system’s design blends seamlessly into the traditional architecture of historic neighborhoods and exceeds the high standards of most homeowners’ associations. At the same time, the Tesla Solar Roof – almost invisibly - captures sunlight and converts it into energy that can power an entire home depending on how much electricity is normally consumed. Each tile is made of highly durable tempered glass and engineered to withstand extreme weather events.

“As our most premium offering, Solar Roof is an ideal investment for homeowners seeking to maximize aesthetic value alongside solar production,” noted Ken Faucheux, Solar Alternatives’ Director of Sales & Marketing.

The 17kW solar project was engineered and installed by Solar Alternatives and was the result of extensive collaboration with Tesla’s solar power division. The system utilizes 291 of Tesla’s 3rd generation solar roof tiles and is estimated to save nearly $70,000 in energy costs while eliminating over 350 tons of emissions over its lifetime. Paired with two Tesla Powerwall battery units, the home is completely self-sustaining, forming its own microgrid in the event of a larger grid outage.

“We are very conscious of climate change and want to limit our impact,” explains owner Mark McRae, “I really like leading-edge technology applications and am pleased to see the business risk taken by Tesla starting to pay off.”


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