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Prior Lake, MN - SOS Cleaning and Restoration is more than equipped to address the challenges that come with colder, harsher climates.

Fall and winter can be some of the most challenging times of year for property owners dealing with flood and water damage. That is why it is important to understand what to watch for and how to quickly address challenges that may arise such as sudden flooding from heavy rain, frozen pipes, mold contamination, and gutter blockage. Being aware and watching for these problems is critical, but even more important is to have a backup solution like SOS Cleaning and Restoration that is ready to help in case things get out of hand too quickly or the problem is simply too large to address by oneself.

Water damage restoration firm Prior Lake MN

“As they say, knowing is half the battle, especially when it comes to water and mold damage,” says SOS Cleaning and Restoration co-owner Stacey Buckingham. “Sometimes disaster strikes when you least expect it, and when it’s below freezing temperatures and 2 a.m. on a Wednesday, it’s nice to also know we absolutely have your back and can get just about any challenge addressed right away.”

Buckingham says burst pipes are easily the most common cold-weather plumbing issue they see during fall and winter. As pressure builds between a faucet and ice blockage, eventually a leak forms and the released pressure creates a blast of damaging water in a wall, under a floor, ceiling, etc. which can create mold. To reduce the risk of burst pipes, Buckingham recommends adding insulation where appropriate, and keeping interior temperatures above 55 degrees in interior spaces.

Another common cold-weather water issue is a gutter blockage. As temperatures drop below freezing, ice dams form in the gutter, collecting water which causes undue stress on roofs. Heat escaping into the roof will let the ice melt, which may seep beneath shingles and into the sub-roofing. If not properly addressed, a leak may result and rings of moisture will appear on the ceilings.

Those who are concerned about fall and winter water damage, do not hesitate to call SOS and ask for additional information about preparing one's property for colder climates. They are more than eager to help address any concerns and will be glad to share their expertise on whatever issue one is facing when it comes to mold and water damage.

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