Leading Landscaping Architect in Pensacola Offers Plant Rentals Ahead of Wedding Season

Pensacola, Fla. - As the leading landscaping architect in Pensacola, Heroman Services Plants Company knows what a difference a little greenery can make to any space or occasion. As a result, the company strives to be a resource to their community in all matters of flora and fauna. This month, Heroman Services is highlighting its plant rental services ahead of the busy wedding and graduation season.

Spring is the most popular time of the year for celebrating, as the weather warms and some of the most beautiful flowers come into season. For many planning their special event during this time, they may find it more expensive to furnish their event space with the ideal look as demand increases. Short-term plant rental is often an ideal solution to this issue.

Renting plants for the event allows the host the opportunity to consult with plant specialists who can help select the right flora that is complimentary to the event and the space in question. Because the rentals are short-term, plants are received at their most attractive stage. This may mean leaves at their fullest and most colorful, or flowers that are fully, impressively in bloom. Additionally, horticulture specialists will know the best ways to transport and set up plant displays for maximum beauty, stability, and safety. Furthermore, when the event is over, indoor plant rental services come and pick up the rental plants, leaving the host free to deal with other items on their agenda.

“A successful function depends on everything coming together at the right time – we provide prompt delivery & pick-up, quick set-up, and fresh beautiful plants, every time, for as long as you need them.” states a representative of the company.

Heroman Services Plant Company offers a wide variety of sizes and types of short-term rental plants and containers, guaranteed to make any event even more distinctive and memorable. As a sixth-generation, family-owned business, Heroman Services Plant Company provides unique and stunning plantscaping for a wide array of clientele. To learn more about Heroman Services Plant Company, or to obtain their services, give them a call at (850) 936-6969, or visit their website at www.heromanservices.com.


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