Leading Hearing Aid Center in Birmingham, AL Highlights Their Annual Free Hearing Clinic

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Birmingham, Ala. – Beltone USA, a hearing aid center in Birmingham, AL, seeks to provide their patients with the best care possible, providing them with everything they need for proper ear care and hearing aid necessities. One way they achieve this is by holding a free hearing clinic each year. This year, the five-day clinic was held during the month of August.

This free hearing clinic included hearing screenings, video otoscope exams, and ten-point hearing aid checkups. Each of these services was provided to Beltone patients free of charge. One of the most beneficial aspects of the hearing clinic is that it gives patients the opportunity to get their questions answered by expert hearing physicians. One of Beltone USA’s goals is to help the community understand the importance of routine hearing checkups. Not only does the ability to properly hear enhance a person’s quality of communication, but when a physician detects hearing loss in an individual, they may find that it is an indicator of the beginning stages of a serious illness. Beltone USA’s free hearing clinic doubles as a reminder to the community of the importance of hearing health.

During the clinic, the patient receives a hearing test that helps the hearing loss specialist in Birmingham, AL determine the proper next steps in the patient’s hearing health journey. The patient will also take part in a free otoscope exam, which will allow the doctor to take a look at the eardrum and ear canal, determining whether or not the patient has excess earwax or other underlying issues. The third free service that patients receive during the clinic is the ten-point hearing aid checkup. This is when an expert will fully inspect the patient’s hearing aids, making sure the devices are functioning properly and satisfy each of the ten criteria the physician checks for. This enables the patient to leave the clinic with confidence, knowing that their hearing aids are in-tact and functioning as they should.

Beltone USA is a top provider of hearing aid accessories and ear care services. For more information regarding Beltone products or hearing health services, give them a call today at (205) 824-8170 or visit their website at www.BeltoneUSA.com.


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