Law Office Of Purav Bhatt Now Providing Federal Crimes Attorney Services In Chicago

Federal Crimes carry heavy fines and long jail time. When in such a case, working with professional federal crimes attorneys has its own advantage. The law office of Purav Bhatt is now offering professional Chicago federal crimes attorney services.

According to Attorney Purav Bhatt, "A significant part of my practice involves representing defendants and businesses in federal cases. If you are being charged by the United States Attorney with federal charges you will quickly find that the setting, procedure, and consequences are significantly greater than being charged for state offenses. The federal criminal process is a complicated maze that is exceedingly difficult for the inexperienced person to understand and navigate. The United States Attorney’s Office employs federal prosecutors who are very experienced and have the resources of the United States government at their disposal. Investigations are headed by agents from the FBI, the DEA, the IRS, the Postal Inspector General, and the Department of Treasury to name a few."

The website continues to expound on federal crimes, "If you are facing a federal indictment and have been charged with criminal offenses by the US Attorney’s office, you must prepare early and aggressively. Federal offenses can carry with them decades-long prison sentences and sizable fines amounting to hundreds of thousands of dollars. NJ theThat is why the attorney you select to represent you is the first of many particularly important decisions you must make. You will need an attorney who is familiar and experienced with the federal court system, the US Attorneys handling the case and the judges hearing the case."

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