Law Firm Marketing Expert Viktoria Altman Discusses the “Cost of Success” on a Business Podcast with Anthony Gonzales

New York City, July 28, 2021 - The new episode of Anthony Gonzales' the Cost of Success Podcast featuring law firm marketing expert and attorney advertising wizard Viktoria Altman is out on July 27. In 'Immigrating from USSR and Building the American Dream' episode Viktoria shares how to build new skills, grow income and gives practical tips on helping law firms succeed.

Viktoria Altman, the head of BSP Legal Marketing, is a serial entrepreneur and a former paralegal who is helping attorneys grow their practice, one Google search at a time.

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"Over the past year, Viktoria decided to go into a whole new industry. So now she specializes in helping lawyers grow their practices using Google," says podcast host Anthony Gonzales. "In this episode, we talk about her journey to America from the Soviet Union and her finding the American dream. Plus, how she was able to find her first client and why the reviews are so important when you are first starting out."

As a successful entrepreneur, Viktoria knew what it takes to start a small business – but more importantly what helps a small business succeed. However, when she was searching for someone to handle her latest companies’ SEO, it was difficult to find an expert who really understood the work, could deliver top-notch service, and do so at a reasonable price.

Coming across expensive companies, poorly qualified freelancers, and agencies offering attractive reports but little real help Viktoria decided to master the SEO game herself. Eventually, she started helping other small business owners reap the benefits of SEO and started BSP Legal Marketing.

"I put out feelers to my network. I said: I'm now doing digital marketing for small businesses. And it just so happened that half the people I know are lawyers. So my first client was a lawyer," shares Viktoria for whom the first clients were about having the learning experience and the references.

In the podcast episode, Viktoria Altman explains that marketing law practice doesn’t need to be complicated and she examines how to offer a comprehensive SEO solution no matter what is the client's budget.

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