Law Firm Marketing Agency Launches New Website

Vanguard Legal Marketing, a Bluffton, South Carolina legal marketing agency, is pleased to announce the launch of their new website. The site is designed to provide easy access to a great deal of information regarding the field of legal marketing for anyone who may be in need of a related service. Vanguard Legal Marketing has a proven track record for growing law firms and hopes the new site will help clients access their services more conveniently.

The marketing team at Vanguard prides itself on being different from other legal marketing services. The agency goes above and beyond to offer integrity and great service. “It’s our pleasure to stand up and win for our clientele,” says the agency. “It’s our deep devotion to excellence in serving attorneys online. We know highly advanced marketing and technology skills that other online marketers simply do not use or understand. Pushing the boundaries daily by studying Google and social media trends is the norm for staying on top of our game.”

They add, “Vanguard Legal Marketing is about bringing attorneys new clients and pushing up profitability for our clientele. We are continually focused on building very strong relationships and being highly results driven. Our track record shows we mean business for attorneys.”

The Vanguard LM team is made up of professionals who are dedicated to marketing their clients’ firms using their skill, knowhow and dedication. They build each brand in such a way as to ensure that their respective clients know to go to that specific firm when in need of legal representation. Each member of the Vanguard team has years of marketing experience and training, and Vanguard Legal Marketing is nationally recognized in the law firm growth and development industry. They have the latest and most advanced in technology and reporting services, which allow them to keep their clients on the cutting edge of the market.

“When working with Vanguard Legal Marketing, we focus on the marketing work so you don’t have to,” the marketing agency says. “Our bottom line and mission is to build your business with a stream of new clients, phone calls and leads. This is what we do. You can be the attorney that you are and focus on your skills. Vanguard Legal Marketing is highly advanced in technology and marketing, and we make it simple for you. We develop highly effective marketing strategies and implement them based strictly on your business goals. We have a firm grasp of project management and implement these skill sets into every law firm with which we work.”

When working with Vanguard, clients have full access to a dedicated account executive who understands their goals and marketing needs. This individual has full access to the tools and information needed for business growth. They also have access to management staff who have focused meetings discussing the client’s firm, its current status and what steps are needed to bring the firm to the next level.

Lawyer SEO and Law Firm Marketing

Vanguard also offers a team of paid advertising staff who have expertise with Google AdWords, YouTube Advertising, Facebook Advertising, LinkedIn Advertising and Instagram Advertising. The Vanguard Legal Marketing Graphic Design department can help a client with graphics, photo enhancements, infographics, their social media profile and cover design. In addition, Vanguard provides clients with access to developers and coders who not only build websites for conversion but also understand what sort of coding Google seeks for confirmation of branding and authority.

Vanguard Legal Marketing places a great emphasis on full client transparency and ownership. As the marketing agency says on their new site, “When it comes to business, the only true road to success with a relationship is through integrity and transparency. Every client receives their logins, access to their online assets and full reporting of their progress and process. We believe in full transparency and will never hold your online assets hostage. It’s all of your information. They are your accounts, and it’s your practice. We give you full ownership and simply request you to give us access.”

For more information on Vanguard Legal Marketing & SEO, visit the agency’s website. Ed Gelb of Vanguard Legal Marketing can be reached for further details as well.


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