Law Firm Explains Use Of Expert Testimony In An Auto Accident Claim

The Angell Law Firm, based in Atlanta, GA, is taking steps to educate their community about the use of expert testimony in auto accident claims. As part of this community outreach, the firm recently published a new blog post that explores this subject in some detail, allowing their clients and other individuals to read more about it at their leisure. Should an individual have any further inquiries (especially regarding an ongoing case), the firm encourages them to get in touch immediately.

In ‘What Is Expert Testimony In An Auto Accident Claim?’ the firm begins by pointing out that expert witnesses are not simply called in for murder trials or high-profile cases. Expertise is respected across many industries, and an individual whose testimony can shed light on a case can be a valuable tool for any of the parties involved when used appropriately.

An expert testimony can make your claim.

These witnesses, it must be noted, would likely not have actually witnessed the accident in question. Instead, their training allows them to uncover details about a crash after the fact, based on the evidence found. Some experts can recreate accidents in computer models, for example, making them invaluable tools in cases where no one was present during an accident. This is partly why an expert witness is not the same as an eyewitness.

The post says, “Maybe the expert witness was a medical specialist in a high-profile malpractice suit, or perhaps it was a DNA expert in a murder trial. Although expert witnesses are valuable resources in cases like these, they can also play an essential role in your car accident case.” These accidents include all kinds of vehicles, from motorcycles and cars to bicycles and trucks (in addition to other types of personal injury cases). While many cases are relatively easy to come to a conclusion on, the firm states that even minor accidents can produce scenarios where the fault is difficult to place, leading to, “heated disputes over who was really at fault for the injuries and damages suffered by the crash. This is when hiring an expert witness can prove to be priceless for your case.”

According to a car accident injury attorney at The Angell Law Firm, an expert witness can give the court insight on several details regarding a case, including the cause of the accident, the severity of a victim’s injuries and more. An expert in the medical field, for instance, can generate an estimate of the medical costs the victim will have to take on for the duration of their recovery. This figure would factor greatly in how much compensation the victim is awarded.

“The testimony of an expert witness in a disputed personal injury case can give you a great deal of leverage when your attorney is negotiating with the insurance companies for compensation or if your claim makes it to trial,” says The Angell Law Firm. This is why firms stay in touch with reliable experts who can quickly provide testimony regarding a case, thereby giving a client the best chance to win their case.

The post continues, “A qualified expert witness can draw educated conclusions about what caused the accident to happen and develop physical and computer models to present to a jury. Even if your case doesn’t make it to trial, an expert witness’s opinion can sway the insurance company one way or the other when deciding to award compensation.” Much more information is available in the firm’s blog post, which can be accessed for free through their website.

Those interested may also learn more about The Angell Law Firm by visiting their website or reaching out to their representatives. For instance, Bryce Angell of The Angell Law Firm, LLC can be reached in the event a client has any inquiries regarding their case or how the firm can provide legal assistance. The firm reminds the members of their community not to hesitate to get in touch if they are involved in an accident. Car accident cases are often quite time-sensitive, which is why The Angell Law Firm is always standing by to place their legal expertise at their clients’ disposal.


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