Large Poop Bags With Handles - Pogi's Compostable Pet Waste Bags Collection Launched

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Pogi’s Pet Supplies, an online purveyor of pet care products, is excited to announce that its compostable dog poop bags with handles are available on Amazon in packs of 32 rolls, for a total of 480 bags, for only $29.99. This bulk option is a six-month — or longer — supply of poop bags for a household with one dog. The bags are large enough to handle even the biggest pet messes. They measure 7 inches by 14.5 inches with their easy tie handles and are packed in rolls that fit easily into any standard-sized poop bag dispenser. These dispensers can clip onto a leash or keychain for easy on-the-go access to plenty of clean-up material, making them a great option for taking on walks or other trips. Visit the product page on Amazon for more information:

The large compostable poop bags from Pogi’s Pet Supplies have been certified compostable by several certification agencies worldwide, including those in Australia, the European Union, and the United States of America. These agencies test products to confirm how long it takes them to break down under compost-like conditions, and they’ve established that the poop bags sold by Pogi’s Pet Supplies can be composted in home and backyard compost piles as well as industrial level composting systems. The poop bags are completely compostable and break down much faster than comparable products made from plastic.

Large Dog Poop Bags With Handles

As previously announced, the poop bags have been rated very highly on Amazon, with over 800 ratings at an average of 4.8 stars out of five. One Amazon customer gave the bags a 5-star review saying: “The thought of all that plastic waste just to throw away my dog's poop seemed daunting so I was glad to find a compostable dog waste bag. It's BIG and we have a 5lb puppy, so we actually just tie the poop, cut it, tie the other end and use the other half of the bag. It feels thinner than non-compostable bags, but it doesn't leak or the seams don't rip. They also seem easier to open than the regular plastic bags, which is a huge plus!” Other reviewers appreciated the sturdiness of the bags, as well as the knowledge that they were reducing their environmental impact by purchasing compostable poop bags to clean up after their pets.

Pogi’s Pet Supplies was named after an adorable French Bulldog named Pogi, and was founded because Pogi’s people wanted to take care of him using products that were good for their dog and in line with their earth-friendly value system. They love being able to clean up after Pogi with their compostable poop bags when taking him for long walks around the block, weekend strolls in the city, or playtime at their favourite local dog park. Pogi’s Pet Supplies sells a variety of other pet care products in addition to its line of compostable dog poop bags, including pet cleaning wipes and pee pads, all designed with the earth in mind. Readers who want to learn more about Pogi’s Pet Supplies or its products can visit the company’s Amazon store:


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