Large Increase in Foreign Migrants Moving to New Zealand

London, England -

The latest migration estimates from Statistics NZ found that the number of long-term expats arriving in New Zealand has increased by 47% compared to the June quarter of last year. This news is boosted by New Zealand's International border reopening, which will provide opportunities for those who are students or those who are looking for work visas in NZ. However, those looking to move to New Zealand may be wondering on how to select the right removal company.

Moving to a foreign country can seem a difficult and stressful process. Even moving to a new home in the same city can seem overwhelming, including the need to pack and unpack. Moving to a location in a different country is even more complex. That is why finding the right removal company is vital. A removal company provides assistance to people moving their precious belongings to their new home abroad.

International Removals to New Zealand

The reputation of the removals company is vital when selecting a particular removals provider, which is why checking online reviews to have an understanding of what previous customers are saying about the service they have received is important. If the removal company has a good reputation, there is a good chance that they will provide an excellent service. Naturally, it would be a good idea to avoid those that have a bad reputation. Asking friends and family about removal companies is a good way to find out about reliable companies.

An important factor to consider is accreditated removal companies. Selecting a company that is accredited will give you peace of mind that the removal company is to a high standard. Organisations such as the International Association of Movers provide training to their members, ultimately benefitting the customer and the company. The British Association of Removers also provides assurances to customers by providing financial protection in case the removal company suffers financial failure and raises standards in the industry.

Another important factor to look into is the services that the removal company provides. Some companies will offer basic services while others will provide a comprehensive package that includes a door-to-door service, storage, professionally trained removal packers, standard customs clearance and a dedicated move manager.

And, of course, price is an important factor. However, be careful, cheap shipping quotes may look attractive, but they may have hidden costs or shortcuts which put one's belongings at risk. This includes substandard packing materials, poorly packaged goods, unregulated agents or a lack of accredited shipping lines. Ultimately, moving from the UK may seem stressful, but with the right removal company, those moving will find the experience enjoyable and exciting.


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