Landscaping Jobs Now Avaiilable at Greenscapes Landscaping & Retaining Walls

Greenscapes Landscaping & Retaining Walls, a company based in Asheville, NC, is happy to announce that they are currently experiencing significant growth and have several Asheville landscaping jobs available for those who are looking for employment. Currently needed by the company are a skilled mason, a skilled landscaper, and a skilled carpenter. The skilled mason must have two or more years of experience and have skills in masonry, landscape construction, retaining walls, concrete, waterfall, and ponds. The skilled landscaper must have two or more years of experience and a valid drivers license. Skills must include plants, sod, and other landscaping. The skilled carpenter must have two or more years of experience and a valid drivers license. Skills must include carpentry, pangolas, decks, and stairs.

The skilled mason will be responsible for the professional installation of hardscape material on the job sites, based on design specs. The work will be done outdoors in all elements and frequent and heavy lifting will be required. The skilled landscaper will be in charge of the professional installation of landscape material on the job sites, based on design specs. Frequent and heavy lifting will be needed and it will be a physically demanding job where the work will be performed outdoors in all elements. The skilled carpenter will be tasked with professional designing, building and installation of material on job sites based on design specs. Work will also be performed outdoors in all elements and frequent and heavy lifting is required.

Aside from landscape design, Greenscapes Landscaping & Retaining Walls also offers building of retaining walls, decks, patios and seating spaces, waterfalls and ponds, and outdoor kitchens. The company has noted that there have been a significant number of failing retaining walls in the area. The problem was that the contractors only knew how to build great-looking retaining walls but were deficient on how to make the retaining walls durable. Greenscapes Landscaping & Retaining Walls offers an extended warranty to protect the homeowner’s investment for up to 25 more years. Meanwhile, those who are interested in learning more about the company can check out their Yelp listing.

Meanwhile, with the landscaping work that they provide, the overall value and appeal of the home or property is greatly enhanced. The initial impact of the landscaping is improved curb appeal and its effects can be noticed within a few seconds of standing near the home. It is important to note that the budget requirements of a landscaping project will not always be high. In general, about 10 percent of the property value is usually spent for landscaping to provide an improvement in property value.

Another service that they can provide is the building of a custom deck that will expand the home’s outdoor space. They have nearly 20 years of experience in constructing decks, porches, fences, and outdoor structures, which means they can design a space that the family can enjoy for many years to come. These are usually wood decks, which are the most popular with homeowners. These are preferred because of their traditional appearance and the fact that it is easy to change the color.

Greenscapes Landscaping & Retaining Walls also specializes in the installation of patios. They have been transforming outdoor spaces across Western North Carolina for a long time and over the years, they have installed countless patios, stairways, seating spaces, and walkways. One of their most popular types of patios is the flagstone paver patio. This is because such patios are very easy to maintain and they don’t easily develop cracks.

They can also construct waterfalls and ponds. These are often wanted by homeowners because of their ability to create a sense of serenity and to provide stunning visuals. The sounds of water can be relaxing and also allows people to reconnect with nature. Waterscapes also boost the value of the property.

Those who are interested in landscaping design in Asheville and neighboring areas can check out the Greenscapes Landscaping & Retaining Walls website or contact them through the phone or via email.


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