Lancaster Contractor Believes Thorough Inspections are the Key to Doing Proper Roof Repair Work

Lancaster Roofing Masters is a company that has established a solid reputation in their area of Pennsylvania when it comes to the residential and commercial roofing services that they offer. A big part of that is the complete way that this company goes about doing its roofing work. This includes having crews that are led by highly experienced roofing personnel, using quality roofing materials, and offering outstanding customer service. This contractor also believes that doing thorough roof inspections is a big part of its recipe for roofing success. It’s the company’s planning and attention to detail that make them one of the most popular residential roofers in Lancaster and the surrounding areas.

Amos Smithfield, a representative of the company, says, “We are definitely a company that likes to get up on a roof and take a good look at not only what roof repairs need to be done but also making sure that we take care of whatever is causing those problems in the first place. Our thorough roof inspections also enable us to give our customers accurate estimates that don’t include any surprises when they get their final bill. Best of all, we don’t charge any fees for our roof inspection and estimate work. It’s all part of being a company that believes in operating with honesty and integrity.”

The company representative stated that their roof inspections are all performed by their most experienced roofing professionals. They also don’t get up on a roof and stand in one spot and look around. He says that their inspector will walk the entire roof. This helps them do such things as identify soft spots on the roof that may indicate problems with roof sheathing, look for areas that may have been leaking, and check for proper venting of the roof so the new shingles or other roof covering that is laid done does not wear prematurely. Other roof issues that are looked at include sections with faulty or cracked shingles, totally missing or cracked coping around the roof, and check for mildewed or decayed fascia boards and corners. Other roof inspection aspects that less experienced roofing companies might not catch include gutters and downspouts that need to be repaired or replaced, tree branches growing too near a roof they may become problematic, and signs of mold and other organic growth on the roof that can lead to future problems. Smithfield added that they will even look to make sure that any previous roof repairs that were made were done up to proper roofing standards. He went on to say that inspections take on even more importance when a customer is about to undertake a bigger project such as a whole roof replacement. This is roofing work that involves taking off the old roof covering and insulating underlayment and replacing it with all new insulating underlayment and shingles. It’s the best way to make an old or problematic roof watertight and worry-free again. By doing an inspection beforehand, it gives them some familiarity with the job site and it also helps when ordering supplies and with other phases of the project planning. That’s why those at Lancaster Roofing Masters believe that a thorough roof inspection beforehand leads to better quality finished roofing work.

Smithfield also discussed how some of their customers are surprised when they find out the wide variety of roofing services that they offer. This includes residential roof repairs, new installations, roof replacements, and roof leak detection and resolution. Their commercial roofing services consist of both low and steep-sloped roof repairs, installations, and the application of strong and weatherproof roof coating systems. He mentioned that they are also one of the area's foremost experts when it comes to the installation and repair of decorative and durable standing seam metal roofs. The company representative also reminded those that need roof repair Lancaster County, that they provide their quality residential and commercial roofing services to such area communities as Chestnut Hill, Grandview Heights, West Lampeter, Bloomingdale, Fairview Park, Fruitvale, Millersville. Those that would like more information on the company’s highly-rated roofing services can contact them by email, phone, or by using the instant messaging service that’s found on their website.


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