Lakeside Weight Loss Announces Opening of New Weight Loss Clinic in New Orleans

Lakeside Weight Loss has announced the grand opening of its weight loss clinic in Metairie, LA, where they will be focused on helping New Orleans residents and those in surrounding areas lose weight using an innovative medical weight loss formula. This treatment is based on a new protein solution that can easily be administered and has been exhibiting rapid and promising results. New Orleans area residents can contact them on the telephone or visit their website at

The new weight loss program at Lakeside Weight Loss employs GLP-1, which is a formula containing proteins similar to those found in the body. These are actually the same proteins that are released in the body when a person consumes food. Studies have shown that this FDA-approved therapy increases and maintains a higher level of the said protein, which can control the appetite and decrease cravings with the result that people feel fuller after consuming smaller portions of food.

Medical Weight Loss Clinic - Lakeside Weight Loss

It is important to note that the human body is designed to consume the amount of food that can fit in the palm of the hand, or about the size of one’s fist. However, portion sizes, especially in the US, have become much larger. Such is the norm when people eat out and this increase in food consumption in addition to people having a more sedentary lifestyle has resulted into an obesity epidemic. Research has shown that more than 35 percent of adults in the United States can be regarded as overweight.

A spokesperson for Lakeside Weight Loss says, “For more than 20 years, intense exercise and dieting or reducing calorie intake have been regarded as the only way to lose weight. Unfortunately, restricting one’s consumption of food can really be a challenge without surgery or taking prescription medications. The problem with prescription drugs is that they typically have side effects. Or the person who wants to lose weight has metabolic issues and lifestyle changes just aren’t possible. With this new medical weight loss program, we finally have an effective therapy and there’s no need to control one’s appetite because the protein already does most of the work by making you feel full faster.”

Previously, the most commonly used prescription medication for weight loss were amphetamines, which are stimulants. These drugs cause people to become tense and once people stop taking them, they are back to gaining weight. And because these medications make the person have a faster heart rate and other side effects, they are not recommended for people who have heart disease, an overactive thyroid, high blood pressure, or glaucoma. They are not also recommended for pregnant women and those who may become pregnant or are breastfeeding.

Lakeside Weight Loss is the first of its kind in the New Orleans area to offer this type of therapy. The proteins in the formula are a 94 percent match to the proteins produced by the body when a person consumes a meal. With higher levels of this protein, a person will feel full after eating a relatively smaller amount. The protein also acts to slow down the digestive process, which results in a person feeling full for longer periods of time. And while the team at Lakeside will encourage the person to eat healthy and to exercise for better health, program participants can actually eat any food they like. It wouldn’t matter because they will be consuming much less than before.

The medical specialists at Lakeside Weight Loss have been properly trained to administer the therapy and to monitor the patient’s progress. Participants have noted an immediate decrease in their desire to eat after the start of the therapy. GLP-1 has not shown any side effects in many of the participants, and the few exceptions only experienced minor digestive issues that were resolved fast. They have also noted that their energy levels have increased.

Those who are interested in new weight loss therapy can check out the website of the weight loss clinic in New Orleans or contact them through the telephone or by email.


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