Lagunas Roofing Shaping Up To Be Preferred Roofers In Alton IL

IL based Lagunas Roofing is pleased to note that their efforts are being rewarded by a higher degree of customer retention and word of mouth referrals. The contractor takes pride in their ability to deliver a consistently high standard of service as well as create positive working relationships with everyone in their community. Lagunas Roofing provides a comprehensive array of roofing services, including roof repair, maintenance and replacement.

“When you contact us for help with your roof, you’re choosing to work with a team that respects your time and money,” states Michael Laguna of Lagunas Roofing. “We are highly cognizant of the fact that finances have become tighter and tighter for many households over the past few years, and we appreciate everyone who gives us their business. Perhaps more than ever before, every cent has to count, and we have taken this responsibility extremely seriously. As a result, we are happy to see that this hard work has paid off in the form of satisfied customers who in turn are eager to recommend us to their friends and family.”

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Those who have worked with other roofing contractors in the past may have had a very different experience. Laguna notes that customers report a strong dislike for having to deal with contractors who do not show up on time, introduce hidden charges well after accepting the job or who may even be rude to the house’s occupants during the project. At Lagunas Roofing, however, the team has undergone stringent customer service training that ensures they maintain a strict code of conduct at all times. This means they are always honest and upfront about pricing and will keep the customer fully up to date on the progress of any work that is being done on their roof. Similarly, they make it a point to provide an accurate window in which they will arrive to carry out the work in question. Laguna adds that only poor traffic or weather conditions may keep the team from staying true to the timeline they provide — and even then they take extra steps to make sure the customer is inconvenienced as little as possible.

A 5-Star Google review from Lindsey S. touches on this. They say, “As someone who works in the customer service/trade industry, I would recommend them to anyone who is in need of a professional roofing company that provides honest work. After scheduling, Omar contacted us the day of with a window of time to expect the roofers to be there. They were prompt and prepared when they got to the job site and were finished in what seemed like a blink of an eye! You are definitely in good hands if you use this company!” Learn more here: Roofers Alton IL.

Given the time of year, the company adds that homeowners may soon be in need of their services due to storm damage and so on. Whether damage is caused by wind, hail, rain or even falling debris, Lagunas Roofing is capable of restoring a roof back to its pre-damage condition. Similarly, certain customers may take this as an opportunity to upgrade their roofs altogether. Laguna says that whatever the case may be, their team can handle it.

When roof replacements or new installations need to be considered, Lagunas Roofing sometimes encourages their customers to take a look at certain materials to determine whether they suit their needs. For instance, Lagunas Roofing is experienced with metal roofing, and this material offers numerous advantages over its counterparts (such as asphalt shingles, concrete and so on). One of the primary benefits of metal roofing is its sheer durability; a metal roof that has been installed properly can last up to 50 years. It can survive high winds and even shed snow better due to its relatively slippery surface, and the company points out that it is less prone to damage caused by insects, mildew, rot and more.

However, this is only one of the materials that the company may recommend, and only a few of the advantages that homeowners may learn about from their expert at Lagunas Roofing. For more details on roofing options, maintenance and roof repair in Alton IL, customers are encouraged to contact Michael Laguna and the team at Lagunas Roofing today. They can also be reached through their website and social media platforms.


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