Kyber Digital Publishes Blog Post Discussing Best Practices: Contractors Outbound Sales

Marketing and business development firm Kyber Digital has published a blog post that discusses the best practices of outbound sales for contractors in New Jersey. The blog post can be read in its entirety at

The blog post begins by acknowledging the importance of sales for both fledgling and established businesses. For a company to thrive in a competitive market, it always has to focus on finding new clients and improving relationships with existing ones. For contractors that run a one-man show, sales become crucial to success. A founder that is technically proficient in their craft will need to develop critical business and marketing skills to wow prospective clients and communicate the value proposition of their services. The other option that the blog post presents is to partner up with a marketing firm such as Kyber Digital that can take the lead in performing outbound sales for the contractor.

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The blog post then discusses account-based marketing, its importance, and how it differs from traditional lead-based marketing. The blog post says that most contractors operate on B2B marketing as the kind of clients they are looking for are mostly established businesses that have needs the contractors can fulfill. Businesses have to be courted and engaged with using methods that differ from the techniques used in lead generation marketing.

The key to account-based marketing is a tiered approach that begins with narrowing down companies that could be ideal clients, identifying key decision-makers within those companies, engaging them by personalizing the marketing efforts, securing a working relationship, and finally expanding the services that one is providing to them. Readers can find out more valuable information about marketing for individual contractors and businesses by heading over to the company’s website at and perusing the numerous blogs pertaining to the topic.

The blog post then recommends that every contractor needs to invest some time to create a marketing strategy that they can fall back on to guide their customer acquisition efforts. Having a plan helps a contractor map out their goals, hit targets, and streamline the process of finding new clients. A marketing campaign should answer questions about the future of the business such as what is the number of clients needed to sustain the bottom line, what kind of business quality is expected, what is the possibility of obtaining long-term business opportunities from a client, and many more.

The blog post then recommends drafting a list of qualities that a contractor expects their ideal client should have. Coupled with a strong marketing strategy, this can help a contractor weed out the clients that don’t align with the vision they have for their own future. Narrowing an ideal client can also help a contractor or B2B business focus their efforts on bolstering the aspects of the company that are going to appeal the most to their ideal client. The blog post recommends putting oneself in the ideal client’s shoes and then making improvements to one’s own business to match their expectations.

The blog post also recommends that one should always be constantly evaluating the pool of potential clients and trimming the list based on an analysis of whether the clients are worth pursuing. As a business and its offerings change based on the service they are providing to their current clients, it is natural for them to outgrow some clients and move out of sync with the goals and needs of others.

Finally, the blog post encourages contractors and businesses to keep an open line of communication with their existing clients. This allows them to educate their clients and further nurture the existing relationship. This can take the form of emails sent out as part of a DRIP campaign, meetings, phone calls, or pointing the client to a regularly updated website.

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