Kyber Digital Explains the Use of Educational Videos as Marketing Strategy

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Kyber Digital, an account-based marketing agency for B2B companies, has recently published on their website a blog post that explains how to get started using educational videos to educate viewers and in the process get new customers. Reaching out to potential customers through videos is a great idea because more and more people are going to YouTube to learn how to do things. Whether one is selling a product, service, or simply sharing knowledge on a certain topic, instructional videos have to be engaging, simple to understand, visually appealing, lively, and addresses the audience’s pain points.

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Jay Miller, CEO of Kyber Digital, says, “When you start to formulate your content marketing strategy, consider implementing educational videos to win new customers. Whether your audience is on social media, Facebook Live, or YouTube, you should be educating your viewers and connecting with your audience through video mediums. Video is essential to your marketing strategy, but how do you get started using videos to educate your viewers and grow your audience? That is what we discuss in our recent blog post.”

The first step is to plan the videos by determining a number of things. These include: the type of content that will showcase the product or service in the best way possible; the topic to be taught to the audience; the target audience; the problem of the audience that is to be solved; the length of the video; budget; and the format to use.

The next step is to create a script for the video. This will allow the presenter to sound more professional and the script ensures that everything that is supposed to be mentioned are actually discussed. A script will also prevent having to do a lot of edits. The script should indicate the diagrams, photos, or other visual effects to be used; the flow of the storytelling; and insertion of some humor into the video.

The next step is to record and then edit the video using a camera, smartphone, computer, or tablet. A screencasting program can be used to pause, top and redo certain portions of the video. Some programs will allow video editing and adding some comments. It is also advisable to use a high-quality microphone to make sure that the voice is clear and can be heard to ensure that the message gets through to the audience. To know more about Kyber Digital, people can visit their Facebook page at

And the last step is to publish the video. It is important to publish the video in various channels, including YouTube, one’s website, and various social media platforms. The goal is to help the viewers of the video in sharing it to as many other viewers as possible. It is also important to optimize, engage, analyze, and market the video. Optimization means it should rank high on the search engines. Thus, it is important to use a catchy title for the video and include a description that will inform the target audience what they can expect to see in the video. Engaging means responding to any comments and reactions to the video to make the viewers feel they are valued. It is also important to check on the analytics to determine whether the video is working or if there is a need for some changes. And finally, it is important to market the video, possibly by using paid ads to reach out to more viewers.

Founded in 2017, Kyber Digital is an account-based marketing agency for business-to-business (B2B) companies and serves clients from various parts of the world. Their primary goal is to create demand for the business of their clients. They have developed Quantum Audience Targeting, which was created specifically for industrial and commercial contractors who have been suffering from stagnant growth. This is different from the conventional outbound sales methods because their system only targets ideal customers or companies who are at present in buying cycles and require the client’s services now.

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