KitoTech Medical Offers New Wound Closure Technology for Use by Physicians and Consumers

KitoTech Medical, Inc., a medical device company based in Seattle, WA, is happy to announce that their new skin closure technology can provide a unique alternative to staples, sutures (stitches), tissue adhesives and bandages. This is a clinically proven wound closure technology that utilizes their innovative Microstaple technology to safely anchor the device to the skin and protect the wound site afterwards. The microMend device is made up of high tech Microstaples that provides several points of contact for anchoring to the skin for the purpose of achieving secure wound closure. Studies have shown similar strength to sutures in closing wounds. In addition, the Microstaples are painless because of their small size. They are incorporated into a bandage backing so microMend can be applied like a bandage. microMend is available in several sizes to close a broad range of wounds. It can be purchased by both physicians and consumers.

Physicians have found microMend to be convenient to use and effective in various applications, including open surgery, Caesarean section, laparoscopic and robotic surgery, emergency medicine for the treatment of skin tears and lacerations, and dermatology for Mohs surgery and skin cancer and cyst excisions. Physicians have been impressed with microMend because of the advantages it offers over traditional wound closure methods. For instance, a dermatologic surgeon noted the elimination of the usual “railroad track” suture marks and the speed, and ease of application and removal. Patients can remove the microMend device themselves, thus eliminating another visit to the physician for the removal of sutures and staples.

The microMend skin closure device is painless and so easy-to-use that it is also being offered to consumers. This makes it possible for them to treat serious cuts and lacerations at home. The consumer products can be purchased through KitoTech Medical’s website at Ronald Berenson, MD, Founder and President of KitoTech Medical, says, “Our over-the-counter (OTC) version of microMend products were introduced in response to the growing trend, which started with the COVID pandemic, for people to receive healthcare at home (e.g. telemedicine). microMend is becoming part of this movement as consumers begin to treat their wounds with microMend at home, work, the outdoors, and other settings. It represents an attractive alternative to ER and Urgent Care Clinic visits, which are expensive, inconvenient and not always accessible.” Accidents can happen anywhere, including the kitchen, garage, playground, and while swimming, camping, biking, hiking, hunting, fishing, and more. The microMend skin closure device is an important addition to the first aid kit, medicine cabinet, suitcase, toolbox, backpack, sports bag, office, vehicle, and more.

Consumers who have used microMend have positive things to say about it. For example, Nikki T. reported, “My daughter fell and cut her chin and ordinarily would need at least two stitches. microMend went on painlessly and closed the wound even better than stitches would have. More than the $150 co-pay for an ER visit, microMend saved us 2-4 hours of waiting and our daughter the trauma of being put in a restraint while getting stitches. Thank you.” Larry Z. says, “I cut myself and thought I needed stitches. My neighbor had told me about the microMend wound closure device. She had some and came over and closed my wound with them. It was fast and painless, and the wound healed quickly and without any scarring.”

For those who would like to know more about microMend, please visit the KitoTech Medical website at, or contact them via phone or email.


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