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Though some home renovations were put on hold due to the economic uncertainty brought by the pandemic, several US homeowners continue to pursue their kitchen upgrades, according to LowCountry Home Magazine.

The Best Home Ideas Magazine in Bluffton, SC says that despite the negative impacts of the Covid-19 pandemic, it still has its silver lining. The stay-at-home mandates have inspired many homeowners to pursue their long overdue home improvement projects. Kitchen remodeling tops the list of consumers' home-improvement dreams, they stressed.

In line with this, LowCountry Home Magazine shares a special feature on the latest kitchen trends this 2020. The article features the recommendations made by Ferguson Bath, Kitchen & Lighting Gallery, a trusted name in the industry. The published report states that smart technology and AI (artisanal intelligence) are among the hottest trends in kitchens. Among its examples are ovens that can be preheated while the owner is still out. Some now use refrigerators that can share grocery lists and show a real-time feed of what is inside. "AI offers unprecedented access and the ability to control your home from any location at any time."

The Best Home Kitchen Magazine in Bluffton, SC likewise revealed that while smart appliances are becoming more and more popular, there are more natural touches and materials. Part of the popularity surrounding natural materials is the interest in sustainability and, for some, the desire to get closer to nature without actually living in a forest.

Another trend in kitchen remodeling nowadays is the use of brilliant colors for the kitchen. Most people are now stepping out of their comfort zone and choosing a lively splash of color for their kitchen appliances and even walls.

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