Keyforge: 11 Years in the Industry of SEO and Web Design Development

Philippines (September 2021) - Keyforge is a professional web design and marketing company in existence since 2010. Their workforce is from the Philippines, and they are proud to say that their all-Filipino team is composed of hardworking individuals. With 11 years in existence, clients can be sure there will always be a passion for getting desired results just like or better than any local provider. Keyforge had established its foundation of success on these pillars: hands-on expertise, reliability, flexibility, and integrity. With all this said, people from the Philippines can now attest that Filipino digital marketing firms are currently at their best levels to not fall behind any other providers from other countries.

Since their workforce is in the Philippines, Keyforge can provide a cost-effective SEO solution that will be more affordable than other options available. This allows them to offer clients discounts on services and projects when hiring with this company as well. A business will always keep its doors open and earn more profits if it can lower costs of services and goods. This is why the company offers discounted rates depending on what kind of project or service a client’s need. Just like any other professional digital marketing firm, they deliver high-quality results without compromising the client's budget.

Every successful SEO campaign begins with keyword research. The target keywords can determine how many leads clients might get from the campaign and decide what type of competition there will be in a given market for clients products or services. Knowing these perfect keywords are crucial to any good strategy- it's not really "halfway done" until clients nailed down all those important details about who they are really targeting. The next step that they do is creating valuable and high-quality content. It can't just be about any words written to meet the number of words count, but it should have depth and quality that will help clients' website improve its ranking for better chances of being found online. The company guarantees good SEO content creation for their clients every time they complete a project.


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Keyforge SEO
William Bill Torres
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