Kennected Reviews Continue To Paint The Company In A Positive Light

Indianapolis, Indiana-based Kennected is pleased to acknowledge that they have received several customer reviews that offer high praise for their services. They continue to be one of the most successful Software as a Service (SaaS) companies for LinkedIn automation, and they are known for having received glowing testimonials across the web.

Devin Johnson of Kennected states about the recent Kennected reviews, "We couldn't be happier about the support and positivity that we have received from our clients lately. Every piece of feedback that we receive is very important to us, and we value all of our clients’ opinions and weigh their suggestions when looking for ways to improve our services. This latest surge of support is something that we could only have dreamed of when we first started this business, though it is now a reality that we treasure. We want to thank our clients for their continued support — as well as invite others to experience our services and see how well we deliver on our promise of excellence, support and success."

Kennected features several of these new customer reviews on their website, hoping to inspire visitors to hire their services and achieve results quickly. These reviews praise different aspects of the company, ranging from their outstanding customer service to how easy it is to use their platform. Most clients have also expressed how impressed they were by the results they obtained thanks to the company's software.

One of the most recent Kennected reviews, written by professional videographer Andy Mork, states, "Before I started using Kennected, I was cold calling businesses, reaching out via email. Kennected automated my way of prospecting and generating leads. Within three months, I was able to land $60,000 in new business for a very low price. It has allowed me to reach into new markets and connect with the type of people who actually make buying decisions for their companies. This is really easy to use, I highly recommend Kennected!"

The company claims that their software can produce significant results in a matter of months. New clients can expect anywhere from 30-50 new high-quality leads each month, with a time investment of less than 10 minutes a day. This helps business owners and sales professionals optimize their time across the board. They can take advantage of the benefits of LinkedIn automation to generate leads automatically throughout the day while they focus their efforts on other important matters.

The efficiency of their software was praised in another review, where SEO agency owner Ben Edson expresses, "I just wanted to personally reach out and say thank you for letting us on the platform! Within the first month, we actually closed two website deals totaling over $5,000 and monthly subscription to our SEO program of over $1,000 per month. We have had so many leads on our team's LinkedIn that we hide from the platform due to not being able to handle all the sales calls! My phone and account went from being silent to blowing up off the walls. I love the platform! 10/10 recommending to friends!"

While Kennected's software is automated, the company explains that it is up to their customers to run it, meaning that the amount of success that they find is up to them. During the onboarding process, the company makes it their mission to internalize ever detail about a client's goals, industry and what they are striving for in the future. Once this is done, they help customize their award-winning scripts for the client in question, tailoring them according to the needs of their client's business and their vision for it. This helps achieve better results in less time, helping business owners connect with people at scale and build their sales pipeline while they sleep.

The company's website offers more information on Kennected and the various services they provide. Interested parties may also reach out to Devin Johnson to follow up on any inquiries. Those interested in reading more success stories can find other Kennected reviews here. Customers can connect with the company through their official Facebook page where they frequently post updates, share media and communicate with their followers.


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