Kennected Reviews 5-Star Reviews Keep Pouring In For LinkedIn Automation SoftwareReviews From Pleased Users

Indianapolis, IN-based Kennected, the leading LinkedIn automation software, has been receiving great reviews from pleased clients. The software allows users to automate the lead generation process on LinkedIn, which makes it so they have more time to focus on growing and developing their businesses instead of getting stuck on performing repetitive tasks. Notably, the vast majority of the platform’s user base have found it very useful, leaving positive Kennected reviews.

Kennected provides a platform through which businesses may engage with potential customers. It automates the prospecting and follow up processes and makes use of smart reply detection systems to seamlessly find and contact potential customers through LinkedIn. In addition, Kennected offers a Lead Flow Mastery course which teaches users how to sell their products on social media, reach out to potential connections and rapidly generate leads.

“Our LinkedIn Automation platform helps you bring in a steady stream of connections, appointments, and sales via LinkedIn,” says Kennected. “Kennected understands that the old way of prospecting is often not very fun and can be quite tedious. We’re talking about networking events, cold calling and more. However, we all know we need new, fresh qualified leads for our businesses. That is why we built Kennected, to take all of the frustration out of prospecting. Now, you have the ability to build out what we call ‘sequences’ and let our software help fill up your calendar with new, highly qualified prospects. Stop worrying about where your next sale is going to come from. Book a demo and see why so many people are having success with Kennected.”

The agency firmly believes that no one knows a business better than its owners, which is why the Kennected team strives to teach their clients how to use the software instead of simply deploying it on their behalf. By teaching a client how to use the software, Kennected makes it so they can apply the technology to meet the unique needs of their business without a need for ongoing outside intervention.

Making use of a LinkedIn automation system like Kennected can be a game-changer when it comes to business growth. Kennected offers LinkedIn marketing and truly believes that every business has the potential, given the right tools, to grow rapidly and become a leader in any field. This is why they teach businesses how to leverage their LinkedIn network and make the most out of their connections and online influence. With a well-thought-out business strategy and a tool as powerful as Kennected, many have already achieved a great deal of success.

Kennected was founded in 2018, built on years of digital marketing experience. The goal of the software has always been to provide a simple, creative and effective solution that is much more useful than any traditional marketing service. Kennected has been successful in meeting this goal and has helped over 10,000businesses and entrepreneurs around the world reclaim control over their lead generation and marketing efforts. Many have gone on to leave Kennected reviews praising the software on a variety of platforms.

“At the time I started using Kennected, I had less than 60 connections on LinkedIn,” says Glenn Cunningham, a realtor at Keller Williams who has been using Kennected to reach out to more clients. “Since then, that has grown to almost 2,000 connections. I have one house under contract, and I have to buyers who I am the buyer's agent on. If you are in Real Estate or any business where you need to generate leads, you should check out Kennected. It has certainly changed my business. It has added an entire stream of revenue to my business. Thanks, guys!”

Bed Edson, an SEO agency owner who also uses Kennected to connect with potential clients, says, “Hey Elliot, I just wanted to personally reach out and say thank you for letting us on the platform! Within the first month, we actually closed two website deals totaling over $5,000 and monthly subscription to our SEO program of over $1,000 per month. We have had so many leads on our team's LinkedIn that we hide from the platform due to not being able to handle all the sales calls! My phone and account went from being silent to blowing up off the walls. I love the platform! 10/10 recommending to friends!”

Those interested may read more Kennected reviews on Kennected’s website. Additional information regarding their services and the type of assistance they offer can be found here as well.

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