Kennected Releases Article And Video Showing Users How To Delete Linked In Account

Kennected, a SaaS company that offers lead generation, automation, and education, has released a video and article that tells users how to delete a LinkedIn account. In the video, Elliot Drake, the co-founder, and CMO of Kennected, explains the process behind deleting a user’s LinkedIn account.

In the video, Elliot delves into the reasons why someone would need to delete their social media account. The first reason he cites is that sometimes someone might just need a fresh start at rebuilding one’s network. This includes a change in career as it might lead to a change in the content and people one might want to connect with. The second reason that he cites is the need to get rid of social media. This might make one more productive and less distracted as it tends to be a huge drain on energy throughout the day. Regaining control of one’s work schedule and productivity is a huge motivator behind cutting out social media.

How To Delete A LinkedIn Account

The third reason that Elliot says one might need to delete their LinkedIn account is if they are just not seeing any results from their social media strategy. This might lead to wasted energy that might be better spent on other areas of the business. Elliot mentions that Kennected’s products can help entrepreneurs grow their business and set more appointments using LinkedIn. They achieve that using a “LinkedIn Sales Funnel”. The video description links to more material that explains the product’s concept. Elliot even offers to connect into a free strategy session for those who need more information about it.

In the video on how to delete LinkedIn accounts, Elliot says that LinkedIn hides the link to delete the account because they want people to stay on the social network and not leave it. This is because LinkedIn’s revenue is dependent on users who are served ads. So it makes sense for them to expand their userbase and keep as many users as possible on the network. Elliot then goes to a screen share that shows the exact steps one has to take to delete their LinkedIn account.

The article says that it may take a while for LinkedIn to delete all of the data associated with the account after it is closed. While LinkedIn’s Privacy Policy states that it will remove the profile from the service within 24 hours, the data in it is not so easily removed. Presumably, if someone searches for the deleted account, they will not be able to find the profile after 24 hours if the account was deleted. However, cached versions of the profile may still exist and can be found through web searches for a much longer time.

Additionally, even though LinkedIn will remove the user’s profile within 24 hours, it will not delete or “depersonalize” the data associated with the account for up to 30 days. If it has a legal reason to do so, it can keep the data indefinitely. For example, law enforcement may request the account and its information to remain public.

The article also says that LinkedIn maintains it “cannot recover invitations or messages once they are permanently deleted by a member, and cannot recreate evidence of connections that have been severed.” This means it is possible to permanently delete messages and sever connections. However, other copies of the messages may still exist with the other senders or recipients, including recipients who subsequently received the forwarded message.

Kennected was founded in 2018 by Devin Johnson, Cody Harvey, Elliot Drake, Stephen Twomey, and Brandon Poplstein. They leveraged their digital marketing experience to create a solution that was simple yet more effective than traditional marketing company services. They claim to have helped over 10,000+ businesses and entrepreneurs around the world in less than 2 years with lead generation and marketing. Kennected built the Lead Flow Mastery education platform that teaches business owners copywriting, LinkedIn mastery, personal branding, relationships, and how to use their revolutionary marketing automation software. They recently celebrated the Kennected grand opening office at 201 S. Capitol Avenue, Indianapolis.


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