Kennected Receives 5 Star Review From Real Estate Agent Hayden Dyer For LinkedIn Strategies

Kennected is proud to highlight a recent 5-Star rated testimonial from real estate agent Hayden Dyer. The company’s services have set the industry ablaze, and their capabilities are breathing new life into online marketing efforts. Watch the latest review from Hayden Dyer online for more. Interested readers can also read another Kennected testimonial from Tim Campsall.

Dyer states, “I got to tell you guys about this awesome platform called Kennected. I initially started using it for our commercial real estate brokerage and helping us recruit and train new agents.” He goes on to add that it was, “a fantastic tool, took all the heavy lifting off of me.” He says that he was, “able to use this platform also to help us find off-market listings for our higher net worth clients.” Dyer also goes on to say that the team at Kennected, “really knows their stuff, and this platform works!”

Kennected Review

A number of businesses have used Kennected to reach out to prospects through LinkedIn and seen great results. The software has helped them grow well through greater outreach and networking, and representatives of some of those companies have written reviews of Kennected, with one such client being Hayden Dyer.

The software provides users with all the tools they need to generate leads on LinkedIn, making their lead generation and follow up efforts both simple and automated. It sends connection requests with ease and follows up automatically as if the user were sending them manually.

Kennected is also integrated with FindThatLead,, Anymail Finder and more, which makes it easy to find emails inside the LinkedIn interface that allow one to push data directly to their CRM. The software’s Hubspot integration gives users the option to push a prospect’s detail, including all the conversations, to Hubspot. One can even push detail by default as soon as the prospect accepts the user’s invitation to connect.

“As LinkedIn and other social platforms become more relevant as the preferred channels for young professionals to connect and network, traditional sales prospecting channels like outbound emails and calls become less effective,” says a Kennected article on generating leads through LinkedIn. “For example, with cold email cadences, you’ll send out 1,000 emails to incur a 15% open rate with a 2% reply rate, of which more than half are unsubscribed ME’s. Cold emailing might have been effective in the past, but that’s definitely not the case today. Cold email is outdated, and you should look beyond spammy, cold sales tactics.”

Most cold, unsolicited emails are deleted and reported as spam, and it is very likely that sending out emails to potential leads will not have the desired effect. It may even distance potential clients. Automated emails are becoming increasingly easier to detect, and many people simply do not respond well to emails trying to sell them a product. This is where Kennected comes in. It is widely considered the best lead generation platform because it allows users to automate their outreach and personalize follow up in a way that allows them to build real relationships with prospects on a large scale without alienating the community through cold calls, cold emails, and other impersonal methods. Learn more about the benefits of Kennected here: Kennected Reviews.

In an article, the company says, “Kennected believes that lead generation shouldn’t require hundreds of hours attending fruitless networking events or cold calling on companies in vain. There is a better way to generate leads.” Kennected takes the place of cold calling, prospecting, and attending time-consuming networking events while still maintaining a personalized approach with potential clients. If one has ever tried prospecting on LinkedIn manually, one will know it can be fruitful. However, there is a bottleneck, and this bottleneck is the client themselves. Kennected knows there is a better way to achieve a business’s goals. The company's technology allows for personalized campaigns that can get a client repeatable leads and sales. If one keeps doing what one has always done, one cannot expect the results to differ.

For more information on Kennected and how it can help with lead automation, visit Kennected’s YouTube channel. Further details can be found on their website as well.


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