Kennected Publishes Blueprint on How to Go Viral on LinkedIn

Kennected is pleased to announce that they have recently published a blueprint on how to go viral on LinkedIn and they are urging marketers to copy the said strategy to maximize their reach. In relation to this, they have also recently published a YouTube video on the advantages of automating lead generation. The LinkedIn strategy makes use of updates or shorter posts that appeal to more people and maximizes the number of engagements because marketers would be getting more engagements with less effort. This is much more effective with LinkedIn compared to other social media networks because the algorithm for LinkedIn has a much slower decay. In contrast, posts on Facebook, Instagram, or Twitter will not last long because there are so many posts coming through.

The slower decay on LinkedIn means that a post will remain on top of people’s newsfeeds for weeks, depending on the amount of engagement for that post. The larger the amount of engagement, the longer the post will linger, and more people have the chance to read that post.

Automated Lead Generation

Another advantage of LinkedIn is that there is no need to have a large number of followers when trying to reach a huge number of people. This is because a post will not just be shown to the person’s network. When someone comments on that post, the post will also appear on the network of the one who made the comment, which provides a substantial boost to the post’s visibility. This is the reason why LinkedIn is an effective tool for boosting one’s visibility. The LinkedIn algorithm considers engagements to be of prime importance by showing those posts with lots of comments to more people. This means there is no need to get tons of followers to be able to go viral on LinkedIn.

Meanwhile, Kennected has also posted a nacho cheese ad that shows how the Kennected software can automate lead generation using LinkedIn. This is a LinkedIn lead generation tool designed to help the user get a continuous stream of prospects, appointments, connections, and sales through the LinkedIn platform.

Devin Johnson, CEO of Kennected, says, “At Kennected, we offer done with you LinkedIn marketing. We firmly believe that no one knows your business as you do. That is why we ‘teach you to fish’ as opposed to giving you a fish. During our onboarding process, we do a deep dive into learning your goals and industry. We then help customize our award-winning scripts that have helped our users generate tens of millions of dollars of revenue. We don’t believe lead generation needs to cost $600 a month or more.”

Kennected is designed to replace the old prospecting methods of cold calling and going to several networking events. While these traditional prospecting methods may actually work on LinkedIn, they would entail a lot of hard work for marketers and businesspeople, requiring them to spend so much time on prospecting that could be used for more important revenue-generating tasks. And because lead generation through the LinkedIn platform is automated, this tool will continue to work even while the marketer is busy doing something else or even while sleeping. This particular lead generation software can help the business owner and marketers save a lot of time, effort, and money.

Users of the Kennected lead generation software will simply need to indicate their ideal prospects and these will be targeted. With this lead generation automation tool, it is also possible to have multiple marketing campaigns running at the same time. It is also easy to add new campaigns whenever these are needed. It is also easy to make some changes to ongoing campaigns. This tool can also allow users to assess the responses from users, track various profiles, and monitor ongoing conversations using the Responses tab. Users may also send connection requests and then automatically follow-up the response to these requests. These requests may not be sent in bulk to make it look like the request are being sent manually, in order to avoid being marked as spam.

Those who are interested in learning more about the Kennected lead generation tool may want to check out the Kennected website.


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