Kennected Propels Linked In Automation

Indianapolis, IN based Kennected would like to reach out to those in search of a way to automate LinkedIn and grow their businesses. Kennected provides a way in which one can reach out and network by leveraging automated messages.

In particular, the company is pleased to highlight the experience of one user, Rhys, who has been using Kennected in his work as an insurance agent. Before Kennected, he manually browsed LinkedIn to try and make connections. This is a long and difficult process, described by Rhys as ‘frustrating and difficult.’ Rhys then discovered Kennected’s approach to LinkedIn outreach for insurance agents. Kennected makes finding, connecting with and sending personalized messages to potential contacts a lot less labor intensive, advantages that benefited him greatly.

Kennected automation for linkedin

“LinkedIn is the most dominant social networking website for businesses and professionals,” says Kennected. “For brands that want to set appointments, generate leads or make sales online, LinkedIn is the perfect place to do it. LinkedIn outreach can help propel companies to maximize their reach and get their message across to the right audience. As a business owner or sales professional, you only have so many hours in a day. This is where LinkedIn automation comes in. Stop doing repetitive tasks manually. There is a better way to scale LinkedIn lead generation marketing strategies. Book a demo to speak to one of our experts. Trying to connect with each user manually is not only tedious but also near impossible. It drains valuable time that you could have spent doing something more important — such as managing your business or improving the product. With our LinkedIn automation and prospecting tool, you can growth hack your way into lead generation superstardom.”

LinkedIn automation offers a number of advantages, the greatest of which is the fact that it frees up a lot of time, allowing marketers to focus their attention on more important tasks. Normally, they would have to visit profiles, send connection requests and then follow up with messages, which becomes increasingly difficult as a business scales up. Kennected offers a highly sophisticated SaaS experience for LinkedIn. The platform helps users create profitable lead generation campaigns that can make money while saving time.

The goal of automation is to remove the need to manually complete repetitive tasks, and the goal of a good automation system is to do this without making it obvious that the process is automated. Kennected, once it has identified the target audience, allows the user to set up personalized invite messages with placeholders to send up to a hundred new invitations, making the invites feel less like spam and thus much more likely to be read. Kennected also allows users to add follow up triggers for those who have connected but have not yet responded. With Kennected, lead generation ceases to feel futile, and most users begin to see real change within a very short space of time. Fundamentally, Kenencted helps grow companies.

A number of users have left excellent reviews of Kennected on a number of platforms. B. Edson, who runs an SEO agency, states, “I just wanted to personally reach out and say thank you for letting us on the platform! Within the first month, we actually closed two website deals totaling over $5,000 and monthly subscription to our SEO program of over $1,000 per month. We have had so many leads on our team's LinkedIn that we hide from the platform due to not being able to handle all the sales calls! My phone and account went from being silent to blowing up off the walls. I love the platform! 10/10. Recommending it to friends!”

Another user, podcast speaker A. Adams, says, “Killing It! Had to turn it off (Kennected sequences) because I had too many responses. After making a couple adjustments to the messaging strategy, my connection requests went up over 30%. I booked 30 or so podcasts, 10 of which are as a guest. Five minutes ago, I finished replying to 50+ unread messages and have another 2-3 interviews I'm booking. Also booked a speaking gig out of it!”

For more information on automation and LinkedIn prospecting, visit Kennected’s site. Learn more here: What Is LinkedIn Prospecting.


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