Kennected Moves To Cement Position As Superior Alternative To Sales Flow.Io

Kennected recently published a new article that explores why their LinkedIn link generation platform offers superior services to The company believes that clients will find their service to be a much stronger alternative when it comes to LinkedIn marketing, and they urge their community to be sure that they are making the most of their lead generation efforts by choosing the best platform.

As the company observes, prior to the onset of the global pandemic, many businesses around the world operated on tight margins that depended heavily on their team’s ability to maintain a consistent pipeline of prospects (in turn supported by effective lead generation). With lockdowns negatively affecting multiple national economies, including several US states, it is more important today that businesses make sure their marketing is as effective as possible.

Kennected states, “The biggest challenge in B2B marketing is lead generation. It’s not just about your product or your branding—it’s all about finding leads consistently and converting them into paying customers. In a highly competitive industry, your business won’t be able to keep up if you can’t create a stream of leads.”

As many businesses have already discovered, automation can simplify this arduous process and allow business owners (particularly small business owners) to dedicate more of their time to other necessary aspects of management. Like Kennected, many other tools profess to do this exact task. Choosing the wrong one, however, can lead to business performing than ideally in the best of times.

“According to SalesFlow, it enables users to “take your personal LinkedIn profile and turn it into a lead converting sales machine”,” states the article. “It is simple to use and helps you automate certain tasks on LinkedIn. This cloud-based automation tool uses static IP’s to ensure a secure prospecting outreach, even while you are running on autopilot.” However, the B2B lead generation platform’s three pricing tiers may mean that users are unable to access certain essential features unless they subscribe to its Advanced plan, which costs $149 per month (the Starter and Pro tiers cost $79 and $99 per month, respectively.

As Kennected notes, “The Pro plan adds more features like Zapier integration, team management, etc. The Advanced plan gives all of the Pro features plus open InMail sequences. This means you need to upgrade to Pro before you can access essential features, such as the Zapier integration and the Sales Navigator and Recruiter compatibility.” Learn more here: Why Is Wrong For Your LinkedIn Marketing.

In contrast, Kennected is already more attractive based on their pricing alone, especially considering what each tier offers. Kennected’s three plans — Professional, Grow and Ultimate — cost $59.95, $89.95 and 115.95 per month, respectively, and they also come with more features. The most affordable tier, for instance, has HubSpot integration and gives the user 30 invites per day, 90 message credits per day, team sync, team blacklist and templates. The Grow and Ultimate plans expand on this as well.

On the surface, Kennected appears to offer a very similar service, giving their users the ability to automate their LinkedIn outreach and draw in, “a stream of connections, sales, and meetings.” However, Kennected takes it several crucial steps further by digging long and hard into each client’s business and taking it upon themselves to understand what the business’s ultimate goals are. This is necessary due to the fact that many LinkedIn users will actively avoid engaging with a potential partner if the outreach feels too robotic. To combat this, Kennected personalizes their users’ outreach based on the research they carry out when each client is first onboarded. As the article notes, “Kennected knows the importance of authenticity, so it adds a personal touch to your LinkedIn outreach.” Kenencted's onboarding process is a white glove experience which is part training for the customer and part, branding, and understanding how to best structure a successful campaign.

One essential aspect of Kennected is that they are, “A SaaS company that helps business owners generate leads and automate their LinkedIn outreach. But most importantly, we also educate our clients so they can simplify their lead generation.” The onboarding process also allows Kennected to learn what their client needs to succeed in their industry, following which the company teaches the client what they can do by themselves to get the best results and achieve success. Clients are encouraged to take a look at Kennected’s Lead Flow Mastery education platform, which teaches entrepreneurs essential skills that range from personal branding and copywriting to LinkedIn mastery.

Kennected’s testament to their proficiency lies in the fact that they are trusted by more than 10,000 companies (including Fortune 500 companies). Their article concludes, “Kennected empowers clients with the scripts, the knowledge and the tools to generate a constant stream of leads. With Kennected, you don’t have to worry about where your next lead is coming from — meaning you can focus on running your business and converting leads.”

Businesses are welcome to read the article in full or contact Devin Johnson of Kennected to explore its potential in further detail. They are also welcome to book a demo with the platform to gain a firsthand account of the advantages it offers. Similarly, they may look up Kennected’s previous release about the new office opening. Here, they may learn more about the company and their progress in the industry.


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