Kennected Linkedin Automation Tool Gets Another Glowing Testimonial

Kennected has proudly revealed that they have just landed another glowing testimonial from one of their customers, specifically Zack, who is a Facebook ads expert. Zack pointed out that he was able to scale his business and add revenue within the first several weeks with the LinkedIn automation platform. They want to emphasize that the Kennected testimonial from Zack is just one of the many glowing reviews they have been receiving from their customers and that these testimonials are a testament to the effectiveness of the Kennected LinkedIn lead generation automation tool that they have developed.

The Kennected lead automation tool can help in creating in a steady stream of connections, appointments and sales through the LinkedIn platform. Kennected really offers automation that uses A.I. to connect the user with various LinkedIn users who match their ideal client. The sending of customized messages to these leads will also be automated, with follow ups being sent automatically a number of times, based on the specifications set by the user.

LinkedIn Automation

People who would like to see the videos for the glowing testimonials may visit their YouTube channel or their website. The Kennected software is designed to be used in lieu of prospecting, attending networking events, and cold calling. The conventional process of prospecting manually on LinkedIn is a time consuming and tedious activity. With the Kennected lead generation tool, those tasks are done automatically and will continue even while the client is asleep or busy with something else. Thus, this lead generation tool can save a lot of effort, money, and time.

It should be pointed out that Kennected users will just have to specify their target prospects. Furthermore, they don’t have to be satisfied with just one campaign. They can start a number of campaigns simultaneously. This will not be a problem, because everything will be automatically. Additional campaigns may also be added as the need arises or modifications can be made on campaigns that are already running. Kennected users can also easily monitor the responses from users, take a look at profiles, and track ongoing conversations by using the Responses tab. It is also easy to delete a particular user.

Kennected has also been integrated with, Anymailfinder, FindThatLead, and more. This ensures that users would be able to easily search for emails right within the LinkedIn interface. This will allow them to make any needed changes to their Hubspot while referring to certain key information. The Kennected dashboard also enables easy monitoring of an outreach program and then manage it using any insights that can be gleaned. It offers information that allows marketers and business owners to make effective decisions regarding their marketing campaigns.

Furthermore, this LinkedIn lead generation tool also allows marketers to send out connection requests and then follow them up automatically. To ensure that these requests and follow ups are not regarded as spam, they are not sent in bulk so that it would seem like they are being sent by a person and not by a software. This tool can also be adjusted such that the automatic sending of follow-ups will only be done up to a certain number of times, until the prospect has responded.

Meanwhile, Kennected has recently launched Cloud Kennect, which is a cloud-based version of Kennected, rather than the original Chrome-based version. Cloud Kennect offers the complete range of features and services that are available through the original Kennected software.

People who are interested in knowing more about the Kennected lead generation software may want to visit the Kennected website where they can be contacted via web chat or where people can schedule a support call. They may also want to take a look at the Kennected reviews website to view the various customer testimonials.


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