Kennected Explains Why Managed Linked In Outreach May Not Be Right

Kennected has announced that they have recently published a YouTube video that explains why managed LinkedIn outreach may not be appropriate for a company. The video points out that having everything automated is not the way to go because marketing through social networks is a process that needs authenticity. Also, there’s no one solution that is suitable for all situations when it comes to using LinkedIn for lead generation. Kennected, which is a lead generation software for LinkedIn, is more suitable and more affordable compared to using managed LinkedIn outreach software.

Devin Johnson, CEO and co-founder of Kennected, says, “Our LinkedIn Automation platform helps you bring in a steady stream of connections, appointments and sales via LinkedIn. Kennected understands that the old way of prospecting is often not very fun and tedious. We’re talking about networking events, cold calling and more. But we all know we need new, fresh qualified leads for our businesses. That is why we built Kennected. We took all of the frustration out of prospecting. Now, you build out what we call “sequences” and let A.I. help fill up your calendar with new, highly qualified prospects.”

He continues, “Don’t go for managed LinkedIn outreach where you’re simply ‘buying fish.’ If you go for Kennected, you’ll ‘learn how to fish.’ It is easy to see that 'learning how to fish' is the more affordable way to get the ‘fish’ that you need. In managed LinkedIn outreach, everything may be done for you but in the end, it is the more expensive option while Kennected provides the more affordable and practical solution.”

Those who are thinking of boosting their lead generation efforts may want to view the video titled, “Why Managed LinkedIn Outreach Is Wrong for Your Company.” There are a number of factors that make Kennected the best choice when considering lead generation with LinkedIn. First is the support. Many customers choose Kennected because of their unparalleled onboarding process and lifetime support. Each client is considered to be unique and they structure the campaign for each client to help them achieve their specific goals.

The second factor is the fact that clients will be able to save time. Because of Kennected’s automated platform, clients will have more time to focus on their business rather than on trying to look for more customers. And third, clients can get better results in less time. This is because the Kennected automated system is working even while the client is asleep.

Kennected can actually be used to replace cold calling, prospecting, and attending various networking events. Prospecting manually on LinkedIn can provide results but a person can only do so much. With Kennected, lead generation will be done automatically and even while the client is asleep. Using this lead generation software can certainly save a lot of time, money, and effort.

Using Kennected, clients simply dial in their ideal prospects. It is also possible for them to manage several campaigns at the same time and easily create new ones or make some changes to current campaigns. Kennected can also be used to easily check responses from users, view profiles, and take a look at current conversations under the Responses tab. It is also easy to delete a particular user.

Furthermore, Kennected is integrated with, Anymailfinder, FindThatLead, and more, which makes it easy to look for emails right within the LinkedIn interface, allowing the clients to make changes to their Hubspot easily using valuable information. With the Kennected dashboard, it is also possible to monitor an outreach approach and then manage it using insights. It offers data that allows marketers to make better decisions for their campaigns.

In addition, Kennected allows marketers to send connection requests and follow-ups automatically, but not in bulk, so that it would look like they are being sent manually. Kennected can also be set up to allow it to send follow-ups automatically up to a number of times, until a response is received.

Those who would like to learn more about the Kennected lead generation software may want to check out the Kennected website where they can be contacted through web chat or where people can schedule a support call.


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