Kennect Me is the Best Social Media Tool That People Have Never Heard Of

Indianapolis, Indiana -- Many businesses don’t realize the importance of URL shortener services. That is why some of the best social media tools stay under the radar. But those companies that understand the potential benefits of these services can gain a significant edge over their competition.

Kennect Me, is the best social media tool that the majority of marketers have never used., also known as Kennect Me, is the smartest URL shortener service available right now. With it, users can easily change the end destination right from the dashboard. Users can create calls to action on third party websites using popups like form fills, YouTube videos, and more.

Kennect Me Url Shortner

Visitors can easily fill up forms, book meetings, watch sales videos, and click on various email options. Even when sharing curated content, users will not lose access to their audience when using

Usually, when brands share content, it sends people to another website. This prevents users from monetizing that traffic. But with, users can add their own call to action right inside other people’s content. Users can use highly valuable content to secure their own place as an industry leader.

Kennect me can add calls to action within high authority websites that people share online, while also firing off a pixel for people who click through one's links. When people take certain actions in a user's website, pixels can gather information about what they did and how they interacted with one's site.

Users can use pixels to remarket to their audience and increase their ROI by sending them paid ads that are relevant to their interests. When people click on links, businesses can remarket to them. To view all the features of Kennect Me click the link.

The main purpose of Kennect Me is to allow companies to create short and trusted links that are easy to promote and easy to share. Most companies neglect their URLs, but in reality, people won’t share links that are more than a hundred characters long. It takes too much effort to copy and paste these long URLs.

But a short and optimized link provided by is easier to share. It also makes the brand more recognizable, increasing brand recall. Kennect Me provides links that are not only more manageable but also more memorable. Shorter links are more eye-catching because they rarely exceed 20 characters.

Shorter links look cleaner and more professional—therefore people are more likely to share them.

Businesses that want to focus on branding and marketing should use URL shortener services to project a more polished image. There are thousands of content being published per hour, and user's need to find a way to stand out from that huge crowd.

Branded links have a 34 percent higher click-through rate compared to non-branded links. If one wants to get more eyeballs on their brand and content, Kennect Me is the best social media tool for sharing URLS online.

On top of all these benefits, also gives access to deep analytics. Users can use these analytics to track any marketing campaign’s ROI with ease. Kennect Me gives users better data so they can make better decisions. empowers companies to drive strategic growth online through customized, branded, and trackable shorter links. Start using Kennect Me today to boost brand awareness, conversion rate, and profits.


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