Kelowna SEO Marketing Agency Educating Businesses About Digital First Strategy As Consumer Spending Shifting Online

Kelowna SEO marketing agency is urging businesses to adopt a “Digital First” strategy. According to the company, businesses that invested in online marketing before COVID hit win as consumer spending has shifted online. As a result, Kelowna says that companies need to consider SEO to get more visibility, clicks, conversions, and sales.

The company says that the real winners of 2020 were businesses that previously invested in online marketing. Consumer spending did not disappear. Consumers just changed how they bought things, and this saw the rise of online shopping as it became the holy grail of shopping and services. To give an example, the company cites the increase in revenue for Chipotle. In Q2 2020, digital sales grew 216.3% year over year to $829.3 million, the company’s highest-ever quarterly level, and represented 60.7% of sales. According to ROI Revolution, online sales for Cyber Monday 2020 grew by 15.1%. Consumers spent a record $10.8 billion, shattering previous online shopping records.

Kelowna SEO marketing agency consultant Sherman Hu

According to a survey conducted by UNCTAD and Netcomm Suisse eCommerce Association, in collaboration with the Brazilian Network Information Center ( and Inveon, online purchases have increased by 6 to 10 percentage points across most product categories. Increases in online shopping during COVID-19 differ between countries, with the most substantial rise noted in China and Turkey and the weakest in Switzerland and Germany, where more people were already engaging in e-commerce. The survey found that women and people with tertiary education increased their online purchases more than others. People aged 25 to 44 reported a more robust increase compared with younger ones.

This Kelowna SEO agency says there are many challenges when creating an online strategy for businesses that have ignored their online presence so far. The biggest problem is that existing competitors outrank new companies when it comes to organic search results. This ranking visibility means that the older and more established online brands end up taking the lion’s share of the potential business. The larger market share hurts the business growth of the smaller, newer companies, and business owners feel anxious to be found so that they can start generating leads.

The company also says there are staffing and demand mismatches due to differences in projected traffic and the results. Due to low visibility and reduced calls and appointments, the staff does not see many clients, making less revenue and low morale. The unsatisfied team ends up being headhunted by other businesses. The company says that most marketing agencies deliver lacklustre results, communicate sparsely, and give infrequent updates.

Sherman Hu, a spokesperson for the company, says, “We want to cut through the fat and get your business straight to the point where its online presence is resulting in direct profit. We use our experience and expertise to boost your online brand so that customers find you instead of you having to chase after them. All you need to do is book an appointment for a phone call or video call with me. We’ll discover your unique situation and map out a game plan to help you win. My team and I will execute the game plan, helping you get early wins in the first 30 days of your campaign. We will be in communication regularly as we come alongside your business to help you win. After the first month, every week in the 12-month campaign, we’ll update you with progress, call tracking, conversions, and more. Results are guaranteed. So you’ll know in the first 30 days if you chose the right specialist to be your guide to victory or not. You will not be disappointed.”

According to a testimonial by business consultant Amy Harrill, “I hired Sherman after a year of interviewing Google “experts.” Why? Because Sherman had demonstrated, he knew how to leverage Google to return on its investment. We have campaigns that Sherman has launched and managed with 260%-325% ROI. Sherman is responsive, he will communicate as much as the client prefers, and he makes himself accountable to the outcomes that the client outlines. If Sherman is not convinced he can get the client the outcome they desire consistently, he says no and doesn’t take on the prospect as a client.”

Most businesses lack the time and expertise to execute Google Ads, Search engine optimization & Digital marketing that gets results. Leveraging 18 years of expertise as an award-winning SEO and Google Trusted Street View Photographer, Sherman Hu helps businesses stand out from their competition and get more leads that turn into clients.



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