Keil Psych Group Guides Patients Through Anxiety Treatment

Newport Beach, California -

Dr. Mitch Keil of Keil Psych Group, based in Newport Beach, CA, would like to reach out to anyone in the area who may be in need of anxiety treatment. From his clinic, Dr. Keil helps people with various disorders linked to anxiety or panic attacks lead happier and healthier lives using tried and tested methods of treatment.

“Anxiety can be an extremely uncomfortable emotion, particularly if it persists is an intense and chronic state,” says Dr. Keil. “The term ‘anxiety’ is broad and typically refers to a cluster of very different disorders. Anxiety around a specific event, such as crowds and social gatherings, or objects, such as spiders and germs, is very different from anxiety that looms overhead at all times, as is the case in Generalized Anxiety Disorder. Each requires a different and unique approach. However, they often share a common symptomatic presentation. If you are feeling chronically keyed-up or on edge, get startled easily, have difficulty concentrating, experience racing thoughts, feel uncontrollable and excessive worry or find your sleep constantly disturbed, you may be suffering from an anxiety disorder.”

This disorder has also been linked to a negative impact on physical health, with many experiencing various symptoms that include gastrointestinal distress, heart arrhythmia, chronic pain or headaches as a result of anxiety. If done properly, treatment can be completed in a very short period, freeing people who may feel utterly exhausted from fighting what is — in many cases — an uphill battle. There are professionals who can help, and Keil Psych Group has some of the most experienced counselors who have experience helping people of all ages overcome anxiety and get back to enjoying their lives.

The clinic’s treatment is primarily psychodynamic, meaning they have a psychologist work to uncover the subconscious thoughts that may be at the root of an individual’s anxiety. Anxiety is often caused by thoughts, feelings and inner conflicts which the patient may not be aware of (but which affect their lives profoundly). At Keil Psych Group, they believe that the best way to address anxiety is to uncover these inner issues and work through them.

People first learn how to deal with anxiety in their early relationships, which can then affect how they deal with in their daily lives. “You might ask yourself, how was anxiety dealt with in the home I grew up in,” Dr. Keil says on Keil Psych Group’s website. “Was it a feeling that was allowed? Was it the only feeling allowed? Did it push away or draw our primary caregivers closer or further? The basic footwork of how we relate to our anxiety can be found in these early relational and emotional templates. Diving into this in psychotherapy is an extremely healing element. A common, faulty belief is that what we choose to forget, ‘get over’ or move on from can no longer affect us. This couldn’t be further from the truth, real freedom is understanding, allowing and integrating these sworn off inner experiences.”

He continues, “Utilizing both insight-oriented and mindfulness-based strategies in tandem is what gets people back on their feet and enjoying life again. We help people to make these important discoveries and can attest to the incredible healing that can occur. You don’t have to live chronically anxious, and the place to start is right here.”

Anxiety is generally more common in those with a family history of anxiety or depression. However, the genetic causes of anxiety are not well understood. This makes understanding the condition difficult, especially since parents are the source of both the genetics and the environment that eventually causes anxiety. Anxiety disorders also tend to appear more often in women than in men, and researchers are still looking for ways to adequately explain this phenomenon.

The professionals at Keil Psych Group pride themselves on being authentic, empathic, and dedicated to their patients. Patients can always expect to be deeply understood, engaged and cared for by Dr. Keil and his colleagues. They make it a point to be as real, involved and depth-oriented as possible in order to provide their community with an exemplary therapeutic experience. Read more on the clinic's website and social media platforms.

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