KBG Insurance & Financial Adds Another Homeowners Insurance Company to Their Already Impressive List

KBG Insurance & Financial has just announced that they have added another homeowner’s insurance company to their long list of reputable insurance providers. This new insurance carrier is called Mutual of Enumclaw. The agency does this because they like to have relationships with many insurance providers so their customers always have premium options that will save them a good amount of money. Often this can add up to over $1000 a year in savings on a homeowner’s policy. Mutual of Enumclaw joins an impressive list of insurance carriers that the company uses such as Travelers, Liberty Mutual, Allstate, Progressive, Grange Insurance Association, and Nationwide.

Mutual of Enumclaw is an insurance provider that was first established way back in 1898. They are not a nationwide insurance carrier as they only sell policies to those in Washington, Oregon, Idaho, Utah, Arizona, and Montana. They are known to be a customer-first insurance provider as they strive to live up to their motto ‘Thoughtful people protecting members’. This company offers such popular types of insurance policies as homeowners, auto, and commercial to go along with less common insurances such as their family cyber protection and farm & ranch insurances. Their financial stability was rated A-excellent and A-prime by two separate distinguished insurance rating services. In 2019 Mutual of Enumclaw wrote over 459 million dollars’ worth of premiums and they are quickly approaching the 1-billion-dollar mark in total assets. Being a mutual insurance company also means their policyholders are actual members of the company and have a shared interest in how the company operates.

This insurance agency’s co-founder, Joshua Loera, says, “Our clients have to look no further than all of the new insurance carriers that we are constantly adding to realize our level of commitment to them here at KBG Insurance & Financial. We do this to bring them the best possible insurance coverages for the lowest premium amounts. The high number of insurance options that we can present to our clients is why we have become a leading Spokane, WA insurance agency. We pledge to continue to partner with great insurance providers so our clients can continue to save as much money as possible on their premiums.”

Loera says that being able to offer their clients many insurance choices is why they love being an independent insurance agent. This is unlike captive insurance agencies whose clients are pretty much locked into specific premium amounts for specific types of insurance. That means all they have to offer other than set insurance rates is their good customer service. He says he never understands why someone would choose that when they not only offer their clients great customer service but add lower premium options into the mix too. The company spokesperson said another benefit their clients get from choosing them is that they can represent their clients instead of representing a particular insurance provider. This is why they continue to add more personal and business insurance clients every year. He says that they are not only known for helping their clients fill out claims but many times they will advocate on their behalf too. Testimonials show that their customers like the fact that they are buying insurance from an independent agent too. Cindy L wrote, “I absolutely loved the service they gave me. Very quick and responsive. An absolute pleasant experience. Also giving me the best price.” Jenna W stated, “Derek made getting car insurance super simple! I would highly recommend KBG to anyone needing car insurance!”


The spokesperson went on to say that not only do they give their clients many choices in insurance providers but they also give them many different insurance choices. This includes their reputable business insurance services in addition to commercial property, life, home, auto, and group insurance policies. They also are specialists when it comes to ensuring their clients’ RVs. Those who would like more information on the different types of insurances that KBG Insurance & Financial offers can call them, send an email, or fill out the ‘get quote’ form that’s found on their website.


For more information about KBG Insurance & Financial, contact the company here:

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