Karolina Blaszkiewicz Offers Help With Clearing Money Blockages

Karolina Błaszkiewicz, an Estonia based financial advisor, has just announced a 5-week online program aimed at helping people beat ‘money blockages’ and begin living a more abundant life. Błaszkiewicz believes that clearing one’s money blockages is the first step towards living a happier, fuller life. Her 5-week course is designed to help people stop surviving and start living.

Money blockages are defined on Błaszkiewicz’s website as, “Thoughts, beliefs or patterns you have that stop you making as much money as you desire.” Money blocks make it so one has trouble holding on to money, trouble making as much as they want or need and make it difficult to move past a particular income limit. The roots of these blocks, according to Błaszkiewicz, lie in childhood with family, culture, religion and other factors having a serious effect on one’s ability to make and hold onto money. Roughly 85% of these blocks are in the subconscious mind, which makes it very difficult to identify them and deal with them.

There are a number of ways to tell if one has money blockages, and Błaszkiewicz’s website provides a list of some of the things that can help identify money blockages. Having a dry period in one’s business, fear of running out of money, fear of losing money, difficulty holding onto money, feeling guilty about charging for work or services, constant debt and a number of other factors may be signs of money blockages. Clearing these blockages comes with many benefits, however, including more clients, more money and more abundance in all things.

“I have developed the ability to intuitively read your money blockages and then clear them instantly,” says Błaszkiewicz. “With this, I am able to support my clients to create quantum leaps in their income in a very short space of time. Money Mindset is a 5-week Group Mentoring Programme to identify and clear your money blocks so that you can move past old programming and limiting beliefs that are holding you back from your full potential. We will be diving into your present, your past and your family and ancestors’ past, past lives to release limiting subconscious beliefs on a deep level. It is a fascinating journey for my clients.”

The program includes teaching via video training along with weekly mindset mentoring and energy clearing to help one get rid of their limiting beliefs. The program seeks to transform negative thinking and clear the limiting beliefs and patterns that one may have around money so that it becomes possible to liberate oneself from fear around money and thus increase income.

The course is conducted over a period of five weeks and attendees have the opportunity to learn everything that Błaszkiewicz teaches in her 1 on 1 sessions during this period. Each week, attendees will learn a number of things, including how to become more confident and open up to new possibilities, how to free oneself from past disappointments and how to love and support oneself in any situation one may encounter.

A number of people have already worked with her and seen great change in their lives. Błaszkiewicz’s Facebook group is full of women talking about the changes they have seen in their lives. “I am so grateful for the session we had last week,” says Robin. “It put me in the vortex as I got to see a lot of the amazing beauty and wonderful opportunities in my life, and I notice responses to them and got a new level of awareness of how I want to become more positive in my thinking and approach to relationships and life in general — more relaxed, stress-free so I can bring out the best in myself and everyone and every situation around me. Thank you for helping me to unlock these realisations! It is really priceless.”

Danielle, another person who learned a great deal from Błaszkiewicz, says, “You helped me change, and it truly feels amazing. I have clarity and confidence. I know how to stay deeply connected with myself and listen to what feels good and what does not feel good. Thank you for everything again.”

For more information on Karolina Blaszkiewicz and her 5-week course, visit the following link: https://www.karolinablaszkiewicz.com/. Those interested are welcome to contact Blaszkiewicz directly for further details.


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