K2xLabs Launches Buster's Brand CBD Beef Jerky Chews Made from Real Beef

K2xLabs has just announced the launch of its Buster's Brand CBD Beef Jerky Chews for dogs that are made from real beef. The company says this is a rare dog treat that does much more than just satisfying man’s best friend’s taste buds. That’s because science-backed Buster's CBD Beef Jerky Chews are one of the few products in the marketplace that are formulated to deliver only the optimum amount of CBD (potentially beneficial oil derived from the cannabis plant) per body weight of dogs. Carl Gerber, the President of K2xLabs, went on to say that their new collection of beef jerky chews is specifically formulated for dogs and made using only the best ingredients. Besides having real beef to add a delicious flavor that dogs love, this line of beef jerky chews is functionally focused on CBD and the specific benefits that dogs may derive from it. This includes having a calming effect on canines and potentially being able to help sustain their critical hip areas and other joints. CBD works with pet owners’ furry friend’s endocannabinoid system in an effort to support their daily wellness. Something that few dog treats in the pet marketplace can claim. They are also believed to promote heart and immune system support. He added that Buster's Beef Jerky Chews can be especially beneficial when it comes to helping adult dogs relax that are prone to bouts of occasional nervousness, stress, or over-activity. This new line of Buster's CBD Beef Jerky Chews is available in 11 oz. bags and they contain 5 mg of CBD per chew. Each bag also has printed on it what the recommended number of chews at one time is for dogs of various weights. The collection is available now in their Shop Petlife Zone.

The company president went on to mention that their new Buster's Brand CBD Beef Jerky Chews, as with all of the products that K2xLab makes for people’s animal companions, go through rigorous third-party testing to ensure purity and safety. He says that they are dedicated to doing this because most of them at the company are pet lovers too and know that anything less is unacceptable when it comes to someone’s cherished pet. “Our mission has always been to help people express their love for their pets through caring,” says Gerber. “We are proud to help enable pet owners to attempt to improve the health and well-being of their pets by providing them with potentially effective products that feature pure ingredients and clear formulations for optimal health.” All of these company traits apply to another popular pet product that the company produces called Buster's Organic Hemp Oil for Dogs and Pets, 555,000. A popular product sold on Amazon that is also intended to calm dogs along with the possibility that it can support joint health, alleviate some arthritis symptoms, control swelling, mitigate allergy flareups, and help cut down on nervous chewing, and more.

K2xLabs and Buster, the company’s playful German Shepard that inspired the brand, also have a ‘My Charity Zone’ on their website. This is a place where the company pledges to give a generous 10% of its profits to help benefit the animal community. Customers that visit the website can go to this dedicated webpage and choose a charity where a portion of the company’s proceeds from their purchase will go. This includes such charities as the Animal Welfare Institute that seeks to make animals lives better no matter where they reside; Animal Friends which claims to help ensure the well-being of companion animals, while ending overpopulation, abuse, and unwarranted euthanasia; and the well-known The Jane Goodall Institute which is dedicated to global community conservation and continuing to promote this famous doctor’s vision and work. The company president ended by stating that despite their rigorous third-party testing for purity & safety and other steps that they take to ensure that their pet products are the best, none of the statements that he made about their new Buster's Brand CBD Beef Jerky Chews have been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration and this product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease.


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