K L Sanchez Law Offices In Queens, Ny Help Families Affected By Wrongful Death Seek Fair Compensation

Queens, NY - Today, Keetick Sanchez, a top New York accident lawyer has announced expanding her practice to assist those people looking for a construction accident attorney and for a wrongful death attorney. She has dedicated her practice to representing clients with compassion and a commitment, and to helping them achieve the best outcomes possible.

On matters of wrongful death, Ms. Sanchez explains, “With most wrongful death cases, financial compensation is only part of what we aim to do for our clients. Yes, it is important to seek the best compensation possible and my office is committed to doing whatever we can to ensure the long-term financial health of our clients. But that being said, my office also operates in a very unique space where we can help our clients get closer to moving on from tragic circumstances. This mindset is embedded in the bedrock of our practice.”

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Wrongful death as a result of the negligent action or behavior of another person is present in a number of different areas. These include intentional actions or criminal acts, medical malpractice, motor vehicle accidents, and defective products. Spouses, parents, and children in these types of situations can seek the legal advice of a wrongful death attorney in order to determine if such a lawsuit can and should be initiated.

While it may be a painful topic to discuss, there are serious financial implications when a family member is lost due to wrongful death, especially if that person is the sole or majority income earner for the family. Other expenses such as funeral costs, medical bills, and grief counseling, and therapy can also place heavy stress on families. And although money can never replace a life, fair compensation can help alleviate some of the financial and emotional pressure.

Ms. Sanchez says, “discussing compensation in these cases is not easy. No one wants to feel like they are putting a dollar value on a life. But the reality is that families face a lot of financial stress when they lose a loved one. Aside from the loss of an income source, there is also the emotional stress that may make someone need to take time away from work, seek therapy, not to mention covering the living expenses for any children.”

An experienced wrongful death attorney may be able to help families by guiding them through the many legal intricacies of such cases and offering valuable advice in order to obtain a resolution that satisfies their needs.

Ms. Sanchez recognizes the challenges that come with clients reliving the events leading up to the death of their family members. She and her team keep this in mind in all of their client interactions.

“These situations always have to be handled with the utmost care and attention. Protecting the well-being of our clients is our top priority. Our clients have gone through events that many will never have to experience. I’m always cognizant of this and approach every single client with the same respect, empathy, and compassion. Our clients open up to us about the emotional details surrounding the accident or death of their loved one. In turn, we must do our best in every way possible to help them find closure, whether that be through financial restitution or holding responsible parties accountable.”

Keetick Sanchez, Esq. is well known for both her thriving law practice and her commitment to serving the Queens, New York community.


K L Sanchez Law Offices are dedicated to helping those who have lost a family member by wrongful death seek fair compensation and accountability from those who were negligent. They offer a free consultation for anyone considering initiating a wrongful death lawsuit.


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