JVI Mobile Marketing Suggests Tools For Small Business To Implement Radical Growth Strategies

Greensboro, North Carolina -

HowTo.Agency has published a blog post that lists the best free and paid content marketing tools available for businesses right now to ensure that their efforts bear fruit and return real tangible results in the form of increased leads and sales. HowTo.Agency is the training, coaching, and consulting side of JVI Mobile Marketing, a full-service digital marketing agency from Greensboro, NC.

The blog post mentions a few tools that content marketers can use to find relevant keywords and generate content ideas. AnswerThePublic is a way for content marketers to search for keywords that their target audience is interested in and is actively searching for online. This gives content creators an edge as they can optimize their output for the queries that real people want answers for. Quora is another great platform for generating content ideas. Quora is suited for informing content topics for blogs and website content and learning about consumer interests. Businesses can also remain active on the platform to promote their products or services if their offerings are relevant to the question being asked. Google Trends gives businesses an insight into how consumers all over the world are using the biggest repository of knowledge ever assembled in history, the Google Search Engine database, to follow the news, keep up with trends, and get their questions answered.

Jay Vics, founder of JVI Mobile Marketing talks about the myriad channels currently available for content marketing by saying, "Whenever I ask small business owners about content, they typically only talk about written content like blogs. They often fail to realize that content is any type of communication you want prospects, leads, and customers to see. This can include emails, videos, social media, press releases, and yes... even blogs." JVI Mobile Marketing recommends that clients who are “looking to create a free video about your business,” can head over to HowTo.Agency's "sister" website, Advertising Greensboro, to request an interview with Jay himself.

The blog post also highlights content creation tools such as VistaCreate which, though not as feature-packed as dedicated professional graphics tools such as Photoshop and Illustrator, can be used to create appealing social graphics, posters, advertisements, flyers, banners, Instagram posts, and more without the need for an on-staff graphic designer. Hemingway Editor is a free online grammar and content checker that can be used for checking the usage of passive voice, poor phrasing, and overall readability. It prevents marketers from shipping poor content that could create a bad first impression. Similar to Hemingway, the blog post also suggests using Linguix to scan writing for any grammatical errors, fix spellings and other commonly made mistakes throughout the piece to make it perfect. Writers who want a little help when it comes to crafting content can turn to AI writing tools such as Jarvis.AI for a creative boost when they craft blog posts, social media captions, headlines, and more.

Finally, the blog post also recommends several tools for marketers and content writers who take SEO seriously and need a solution to verify that their work is search engine friendly and adequately optimized to drive traffic. One such tool, Squirrly SEO, is a WordPress plugin that gathers analytics related to performance for future content. Once a piece of web content has been set loose on the internet, tools such as Google Analytics can be used to track its reach and performance with the desired readership. Google Analytics can be used to track details such as the views that a published piece of content is getting and how long readers are staying engaged with it. Digital marketing agencies that are looking for solutions that bundle some of the aforementioned functionalities into a single convenient package can turn to platforms such as BuzzSumo, an end-to-end marketing tool that helps with keyword and content topic research, content optimization, and tracking.

Readers who want to find out more about the exciting world of digital marketing can visit HowTo.Agency’s website to read and learn from several digital marketing tutorials for small business owners that Jay Vics and his team have created.


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