Just Released: Star Spangled Flag’s All Weather Heavy Duty Polyester American Flag

American flag manufacturer Star Spangled Flags has just released its heavy-duty, outdoor, all-weather, Polyester American flag on its Amazon store page. The flag has been engineered with materials to withstand harsh weather conditions such as UV rays from the sun and strong winds in parts of the country.

The Polyester flag is guaranteed to be the sturdiest American flag on the market. It is made with thick, 2-ply Polyester that uses aniline dye to keep the flag looking vivid and bright against UV fading. All of the white stars are beautifully embroidered on the blue field. The stripes are lock-stitched on all the seams and edges in addition to the company’s signature quadruple stitching on the fly end. The Polyester American flag is available in different sizes to complement the height or length of your flagpole and match perfectly.

Star Spangled Flags

The flag’s unique and high-quality construction guarantees a longer flag life in windy regions. While nylon flags require less wind to wave, polyester is perfect for flags that fly year-round in tough weather conditions. The Polyester American flag is the perfect choice for customers who are looking to display a symbol of their love for their country that will last longer than the traditional big box store flags. Readers can find more details about the product by clicking on this link: https://starspangledflags.com/flag/polyester-american/.

A spokesperson for the company talks about what makes their product especially appealing for patriotic Americans all over the country. “We have built Star Spangled Flags on the foundation of all of our flags being 100% made in the USA as certified by the Flag Manufacturer's Association of America (FMAA). That means that all of our premium, high-quality materials, labor, and shipping are in and sourced from the USA. Fly this American flag proudly, knowing that you are supporting fellow American citizens and their jobs. Your support for our company and our products is much appreciated, and we hope that as we launch more new products, such as the Polyester American flag, that you will continue to enjoy them and give us your feedback. During these uncertain times, it's more important than ever to show your loyalty for your country and to unite with your fellow countrymen. Fly the American flag, support our troops and local businesses, and show your patriotic spirit.”

A customer left a review of the Polyester American flag on their website product page, saying, “I have purchased our flags from your company for the past few years. Excellent customer service, great product, amazing prices. We display our two home state flags as well as the US flag.” Another review from a satisfied customer says, “Your flags last a very long time, even in the constant wind we have here in southern Illinois. This is the sixth flag we’ve ordered and we will continue to do business with you.”

Readers can find the company’s contact information and browse other American flags that they offer on this page.


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