Just Released: A New Report On The Resistance Gaming Platforms Have Toward Accepting Cryptocurrency As Payment Method

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Santa Clarita, California: Waxdynasty.com just released a report on their website that breaks down the challenges that online platforms have in accepting cryptocurrency as a method of payment.

"We know that gamers, NFT purchasers and cryptocurrency enthusiast seem to run in the same circle," stated, Raul Meza, director of content at waxdynasty.com. "And it's important that we address some of the challenges and ironies that they may be dealing with. That is why we wanted to bring this story to life."

waxdynasty.com reports on gaming payments

In the report, the website goes on to list some of the challenges that a major gaming platform has faced when they first tried accepting bitcoin as currency. They also cover the fact that some gaming platforms have no trouble accepting in-game purchases with crypto but access to the game itself needs to be done with standard money.

This inconsistency has confused gamers who would rather have one set form of payment, preferably a cryptocurrency. “It seems I can never remember if in a certain game I can use crypto for my in-game purchase or if I have to use my credit card. I can’t wait until it is easier, and most platforms accept bitcoin or other cryptocurrency,” stated John Rogers, a twenty-eight-year-old nurse who is also a life long online gaming enthusiast.

It's expected that the industry standard payment system will change in the future to align with the new crypto world. Enthusiasts can only hope that it is sooner rather than later. Until then gamers will have to continue to revert back and forth from standard payment forms like credit cards and cryptocurrency.

A full report on video on the gamers buying games with crypto can be found online.

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