Judi Silvano and Bruce Arnold “Sonic-Twist”® Celebrate Release Of 5 Music Videos From New CD “Unity”

“Sonic-Twist”® is Judi Silvano Vocals, and Bruce Arnold, Guitar. On January 4, 2021 the duo will release the full, 17 track new CD “Unity”.

The duo so far has released 13 tracks with videos for the highly anticipated full release of the CD “Unity” featuring 17 music tracks with videos.

Judi Silvano and Bruce Armold

This very creative duo focuses on co-composing in the moment. Both musicians are skilled in multiple genres of music-making.

Vocalist/Composer Judi Silvano enjoys a multi-dimensional music-making career including jazz, classical, and repertoire from The Great American Songbook.

Bruce Arnold is a guitar wizard whose musical interests, like Silvano’s, cross many genres. Jazz, pop, standards, funk, classical, and fusion are well-traveled musical paths. An author of many guitar books with a busy teaching practice, Arnold produces and records in his studio in New York.

Sonic-Twist® has a combined musical chemistry that melts together all the above elements with next-generation guitar and vocal sound processors.

Added to the musical dimension, Michal Shapiro brings the visual element to these compositions with bold videography and an intuitive landscape of color and shape.

LACEWING” (2:44) Released November 2, 2020

Judi Silvano and Bruce Arnold conjure up a delicate musical interplay, softly stepping and gently murmuring, reminiscent of fragile creatures hovering over the twilight sky as evening falls.

Lacewing’s visuals further the lace theme with intricate patterning and soft colors. Here Michal Shapiro steps lightly with almost psychedelic references to middle eastern arches, antique Indian woodblock art patterns, and slow-motion details.

Along come two green lacewings, also known as Chrysoperla rufilabris, flying in range of the patterned filigree. As Silvano’s voice swirls and Arnold's guitar sings, the Lacewings dance.

Michal Shapiro cites her childhood fascination with these very helpful creatures in the garden. They are voracious eaters and dine on plant and flower pests.

This lighthearted music and video is beautiful to look at, fun, and meditative. Keeping mostly to a palette of pastel greens, pinks, and blues, the video is easy on the eyes also.

HOVERCRAFT” (2:43) Released November 11, 2020

Hovercraft is a striking visual and aural experience. Silvano’s voice stutters and cascades with Arnold’s guitar amid highly processed sounds. Echoes of cavelike percussion, reverberating sonic patterns create music that shivers electronically.

Videographer Shapiro has chosen the metaphoric symbolism of random moving, metallic car and street patterned traffic to illustrate her concept for this composition.

The image is of a heart that is beating, sending blood through arteries. The streets are the veins, the cars the platelets, the traffic circle is the heart itself.

As the music creates a hypnotic trancelike feeling, the visuals add to the experience. The synchronicity is effective and total. Silvano’s vocal clicking and “hush” vocal sounds, add another dimension to this track that is distinctive with rarely utilized colors of vocal spontaneity.

FLUTTERBY (3:44) Released November 16, 2020

“Flutterby” implies a butterfly and here the music dances lightly, employing vocal processed sounds that range from top high notes to low bottom notes along with guitar sounds that stagger and leap across octaves and seemingly, worlds.

Judi Silvano matches Bruce Arnold's searching flights of guitar mystery with a fluid and thoughtful entrance as the duo develops the music. This is a secret conversation about a topic that both artists have thought a great deal about.

One gets the feeling there is a deep communication going on, that actually doesn’t have words, but conveys feelings, questions, and sensitive topics generally avoided, but that must be processed emotionally.

As “Flutterby” develops, questions are asked and answered with sound. The accompanying video expands and contracts with bright bold colors using butterfly wings as a visual theme. The fibers and designs of the butterfly wings change and are redefined as the thematic interplay continues.

Videographer Michal Shapiro chooses to layer the wing patterns in bold waves of bright colors and magnified patterns as a background for the music.

Silvano and Arnold are not seen as themselves, but as an x-ray version of themselves that changes color with the rhythm of the music. Shapiro uses this technique with artistic refinement and, as the backgrounds change, so do the colors of the images of the artists.

HA” (3:42) Released November 23, 2020

Electronic call and response, trilled lips, breathy astonishment, and a guitar that sounds like Bigfoot walking through the Alaskan tundra in wet snow. The voice winds around sound like water taffy, while the guitar shapes a world of rubber bands in the rain.

The latest release by Judi Silvano and Bruce Arnold explores brand new territory in sound, while the video accompaniment by Michal Shapiro, slithers and snakes around, following the duo’s collaborative compositional lead.

Imagine walking through a rain forest, there is falling rain on the leaves, and the distant music of waterfall drones underneath the lulls, surprise growls, and vocal exclamations.

This performance wreaks of creativity, bold adventure, and free-fall trust between two musical composers. Silvano and Arnold have created a sound world not explored by mainstream music.

Add the dimension of Shapiro’s intuitive video eyes to the music and the result is organic and multi-dimensional.

Always up for a new adventure, the three amigos thrive on delving into deep states of seemingly effortless music-making, relying on rhythm, light, and melody to create a path.

Effortlessness is the product of long hours of practice and the right musical partner.

Singers rarely expose the more vulnerable nature of the voice. How vocal chords can express a wide range of sounds, textures, and volume, and still maintain a level of communication is a mystery. Something to consider when listening.

With Arnold on guitar, Silvano unravels a mystery. Wordless emotional sounds emote visceral, heady, and unconditional human expression. Depending on the mood the listener is in, there will be many responses to the sounds created.

This music is active and also reflective, a searing juxtaposition of passion and relaxation.

Fun, humorous and inviting, each listen conjures up something different. A rare find these days in the barren landscape of genre’s that wear one's ears out.

HOME FREE” (3:01) Released November 30, 2020

The 5th installment of this month’s Sonic Twist® music video series “Home Free” is a peaceful 3:01 minutes of relaxed beauty.

Visually and aurally soothing, “Home Free” begins with Arnold’s soft guitar melodies and Silvano’s alto voice gently opening up into the duo’s rich co-compositional musical territory.

The scene is summer, the camera floats gently across languid visuals of wind chimes, house plants, sunlight splashed on a table, ripe tomato with a salt shaker. The music is comfortable, both players serene, introspective and playful, fully listening and responding to each other.

Michal Shapiro captures the spirit of the music, deftly blending familiar images into a dreamlike vision of stillness.

This track would work especially well on repeat while working in the garden, reading a book, by the pool on a summer's day, or near a fire on a cold winter night.

Silvano and Arnold feature musical moods here that encourage the listener to calm down, get centered and listen. Both musicians seem to be completely focused on the sheer pleasure of co-creating in the same mental and musical space and this joy comes across.

“Home Free” is a fun excursion into musical felicity and a fitting close to November 2020’s introduction to “Unity”, the Sonic Twist® 17 track CD to be fully released on January 4, 2021.

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