Jubilee Properties Promises Homeowners to Get Paid Within a Week

Jubilee Properties has pledged that homeowners that sell to the company will get paid within a week of closing. If all goes well, the sale closes within a few days, said a representative for the company.

Vancouver, Washington - Jubilee Properties, one of the leading cash for home buying services, has said, “we buy houses Vancouver, WA, and will pay cash within a week of closing.” The company has said homeowners are usually paid within 48 hours of closing. However, unforeseeable circumstances like bank holidays or others could delay payment. But the company has promised that homeowners are guaranteed to be paid when the sale closes.

We Buy Houses Vancouver WA

One of the most stressful things about selling a home, apart from finding a buyer, is getting paid. Most average buyers will buy a house on a mortgage, which needs to be cleared by the bank. A bank can take anywhere from three to four weeks to clear a mortgage, after which the seller is paid. Yes, it is time-consuming, but that’s how things often work. Fortunately, leading cash home-buying companies like Jubilee Properties to have the cash reserves to pay almost instantly.

Those who want to learn more about how soon homeowners are paid by Jubilee Properties or perhaps to get a no-obligation cash offer should visit https://www.jubileepropertiesnw.com.

“We buy houses Vancouver, WA, and may also be in nearby areas. In fact, we have been buying homes for a very long time, and with dozens of reviews, homeowners are assured of a payday once the sale goes through. However, for those still skeptical, we guarantee payment within a week of closing. No other property business can offer that level of certainty,” said a representative for Jubilee Properties.

She added, “The first step is to get a no-obligation offer for your home. This can be done by visiting our website or calling us during business hours. Once you have an offer, it is up to you to decide to accept it; once accepted, our team will move ahead with the sale.”

About Jubilee Properties

Jubilee Properties has a reputation for being one of the leading, most trusted cash-for-home-buying companies in Washington. The company is run by civil engineers Andy and Rob, who gave up their full-time job as engineers to start buying and selling homes for a living. The team uses their years of experience to find homes they can renovate and flip for a profit.


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