Juan Luciano, Esq. Discusses Things Parents Should Not Do During a Child Custody Case

New York City, NY - In matters of divorce, there are seldom ones that are taken more seriously than those concerning child custody. Navigating that fine line between divorcing parents who are responding to feelings of anger and betrayal and impressing upon them the need for cooperation and cool tempers is often one of the most difficult aspects of practicing family law. And yet, that is exactly what a child custody lawyer must do.

Juan Luciano, Esq. has been practicing family law for over 15 years in New York. He understands what his clients are going through yet tries to keep their eyes on their future goals, not the hurts of the present.

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“When individuals come to me, I need to pay close attention to where they are emotionally and what they are going through. But then I must reel them into the reality of the moment,” Mr. Luciano said. “In the case of child custody, the courts will always err on the side of the child’s best interests. What each partner is feeling about each other will have far less impact on the court’s custody decision than who is better able to provide stability for the children. Consequently, there are important things parents should not do when custody is at stake.”

Mr. Luciano said that the courts look at the ability to cooperate and communicate with each other as central to what the court looks for. Punishing the other parent through unreasonable refusal to compromise is something that they consider detrimental to the children's welfare.

He also cautions parents who speak harshly about the other in the child’s presence.

“A parent who speaks badly about their co-parent directly to their children or who engages in verbal altercations within earshot of them can be viewed by the courts as not behaving in their child’s best interests,” he said. “The courts, whenever possible, strive to maintain the child’s relationship with both parents. They view the parent who is willing to cooperatively co-parent as the one who is best serving the child’s wellbeing.”

Another matter that the courts look at in determining child custody is how a parent takes responsibility under temporary court orders. If the court has issued temporary orders for custody and support, they look closely at how the parents handle those when making their final decisions. They can also look at how the partners are handling their new social life.

“I always suggest that parents take care about the things they post on social media or who they bring home to meet the kids. The courts take the stance that divorce is a very vulnerable time for children and the spouse that can understand that and move with care socially is the one that the court will look at more favorably, “ Mr. Luciano continued. “In these times of social media, we find more of this content showing up as evidence against a parent in custody cases.”


Mr. Luciano believes that getting skilled legal representation as soon as possible ensures that parents do not make these mistakes that may affect them long after the divorce proceedings. Juan Luciano is a child custody lawyer based in New York City. For individuals who would like to learn more about him and his practice, he can be contacted through his website at https://divorcelawfirmnyc.com/5-things-not-to-do-during-a-child-custody-case/


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