Juan Luciano Divorce Lawyer in Manhattan Garners Another Positive Review From Client

Manhattan, NY - NYC’s Juan Luciano Divorce Lawyer works diligently to represent clients who are navigating difficult divorces. Many times, it is tireless and unforgiving work. But sometimes, a positive review makes the top NYC Divorce attorney particularly grateful for what he does each day.

Take this latest one, for instance: “I personally thank Juan for what he did for me and my kids. His advice and legal guidance was critical in ultimately forming the right play for me to get the right outcome for my kids. He understands the system and which ways will get the best outcome for families. Thank you again! Anthony C.”

Manhattan Divorce Attorney

Navigating a couple’s divorce is never easy, particularly when children are involved. When Mr. Luciano works with his clients, he must constantly consider the effect that a divorce will have on all parties, but especially on the children.

“We now know that children need to maintain close, meaningful relationships with both parents for their health and welfare as well as the needs of the parents. My main job is to limit the negative impact that a divorce or separation can have on the children and provide as much support as possible to enable them to have an ongoing and productive relationship with both of those parents,” he says.

Custodial issues surrounding divorce are difficult for everyone involved, but particularly for the children and the noncustodial parent. Many times, in the case of younger children, the father is that parent. That’s because courts will defer to the primary caregiver in custodial cases involving young children to keep their routines as consistent as possible. The experienced custody lawyer is here to help.

“Being able to help a couple work out complex custody arrangements without acrimony is some of the most rewarding work I do. I pride myself on my mediation skills that help us get to a place where both parents agree to work in the best interests of the child before a judge must mandate it. Whenever children are concerned, I believe that a collaborative approach is always better than one imposed by the court.

Enabling couples to move past their differences can be arduous, especially in those cases where extreme animosity has built up over time. But in the end, when we’ve come to an agreement on the other side of the acrimony, it makes what I do seem all that much more meaningful.”

And positive feedback helps. “When I get positive reviews, it puts all the difficulties in their true perspective. When I help a family get through one of the hardest moments of their lives, it makes me grateful for the platform I have as a New York divorce lawyer.”

Juan Luciano is a graduate of the University at Buffalo School of Law and has practiced divorce and family law in New York City since 2005. You can learn more about Juan's NY family law practice at on his website.


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