JSG Action Coach For Entrepreneurs Helps Business Owners Get Higher Profits, More Freedom and Better Teams

San Diego, CA based JSG Action Coach business coaching (JSG) is taking steps to help business owners build a business that works FOR them, not because of them. The goal, as stated by this coaching company, is to own a business, not a job, and JSG is ready to share how this can be achieved.

“What we often see", explains Julie Seal-Gaustad, founder and certified ActionCOACH business coach, “is that small business owners have a great deal of passion and motivation, but typically start a business based on an opportunity or because they are especially good at their craft. And what happens is, because they don’t have the business background, they end up working themselves to the bone, mis-hiring, getting tight on cash, or other growing pains.” Julie comments that, even though their intentions are sound, running a business in this manner can quickly make every aspect of the business too overwhelming to address alone, and people in this situation rarely have others who can bear some of the weight for them (at least, not those who can be fairly compensated at the same time). In the beginning of a business’ lifetime, the biggest resource it has is its owner’s time, and while time is the business owner’s largest investment, it is a finite resource.

Fortunately, there are tried-and-tested strategies that can ensure every action a small business owner takes has the maximum effect — giving their business the boost it needs to thrive, while giving the owner more time, revenue, profits, and a more engaged team. This is where JSG Action Coach comes in.

JSG Action Coach coaches everyone from entrepreneurs in the pre-launch or start-up phase (generally less than 2 years old) to upwards of multi-million dollar companies (with dozens of employees). The team says that some business owners invite their general managers to coaching sessions to acclimate them to the same strategies, align vision and goals, and ensure everyone is on the same page. JSG welcomes this as it can indeed help their clients’ businesses flourish.

JSG also hosts leadership and management training sessions, culture building seminars and other business owner-requested or needed workshops or classes to support the team and help drive the business forward.

They offer executive coaching for those who oversee multiple teams and have a board or other governing body to report to. The backbone of the program, they explain, is represented by ActionCOACH core values and techniques — but adjusted to work in a corporate style environment. There is a large focus on leadership and coaching, and multiple assessments are carried out to ensure participants are progressing as well as expected.

One notable aspect of the company is that they are extremely willing to share the benefit of their experience with everyone. While their priority is to business owners who have made the commitment to business growth in a regular coaching program, they are similarly generous when it comes to sharing information with the community at large through public workshops, seminars, and more.

As a Google review from F. Parsons shares, “I just attended Julie's ‘How to Build a Business You Can Sell’ free seminar, and wow did I take away so much value. Julie provided a general guideline of steps needed to obtain the pinnacle of having passive income or selling your business, then went above and beyond in breaking each step down into actionable steps. Definitely worth the time invested, and I will for sure be looking into starting business coaching with her. Absolutely brilliant.”

Nicole L. has similar thoughts to share. Her review says, “Working with Julie has completely changed my business and my mindset. I have so much more clarity and direction. I know where I am going and what needs to be done to get there. I highly recommend anyone who needs any kind of help with their business to work with Julie. She is a game-changer!”

JSG Action Coach invites interested parties to connect via Julie’s LinkedIn profile, which can be found here: https://www.linkedin.com/in/juliesealgaustad/. The organization is actively looking to work with motivated individuals who want to take their business from ‘good’ to ‘great,’ while fulfilling their personal goals and milestones.

To gain more insights to JSG Action Coach, see this recent press release: https://www.pressadvantage.com/story/52087-female-entrepreneur-and-certified-actioncoach-julie-seal-gaustad-offers-mentoring-to-business-owners. Inquiries on the organization’s programs and services may be directed to Julie Seal-Gaustad of JSG Action Coach or another member of her team. They are always ready to share their expansive insight with members of the business community.


For more information about JSG ActionCOACH, contact the company here:

Julie Seal-Gaustad
(619) 361-8501
San Diego, CA